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BREAKING NEWS: An APRC Militant Congratulates The I.E.C Chairman And His Workers Of Inequity For Stealing Again..


Congratulations MOMODOU NJIE, ADAMA WHEELBARROW, LAWYER OUSAINOU DARBOE AND MAI FATTY for cheating again. You can only fool gullible Gambians and not all Gambians.

APRC the largest party has been turn by you guys to be the smallest party . Lets keep moving. The journey has just started . The more you play tricks , the more we hate you , the more we hunt you.

You will know that APRC is the largest party when things are out of control. You have cheated so stupidly that everyone knew you have cheated. Your actions are accelerating our angers every day . You are very power hungry ..this is seen as you are doing all means possible just to rule .

You have sacrifice people, you have cheated the national elections , you have cheated the parliamentary elections, you have bribed the IEC chairman and many more dirty things just to remain in power.

For the IEC chairman i would advise my thugs to set his compound ablaze. We are now curious, we want to see what Adama wheelbarrow, Rat OUSAINOU DARBOE and Lunatic Mai Fatty can do for the Gambians .
If you think you are coming to jokes and destroy people’s peace and happiness as you have started , you are playing with fire. We will curtail the journey to paradise for you .

That dishonest and stupid Momodou Njie helping you on cheating will also help you to cheat when we come with guns . How can you help the tribalist to destroy our country ? Momodou Njie, You can’t fool us Barrow and Momodou Njie. we are more aware than you.
You have succeeded in dividing the Gambia. We have seen people fighting in manners that have never happened in our country. All is course by your coalition.

Your bodies are all SATAN .

We will come and give you tickets to paradise .
We APRC have done our part . If you think you will come and loot our monies and take us back to abject poverty and later run, You are fooling yourself. You won’t escape this time . Allah is on our side because we are supporting the truth .We the APRC SUPPORTERS WILL never and ever support you on your that stupid game.

We will not contribute to the destruction of our nation but we will never allow any COWARD that intents to come and destroy our Country to do so . We love our people and our country . Their suffering is our priority .

I will never support any member who is part or was part of this stupid coalition till the end of my life. You are all hypocrites. You are the cause of all this problems that we are facing today in the Gambia. . You are all power hungry . Lets move on . We will see the winner at the end .
We will shift from elections to power. We will use force to protect the truth. Gambians are fed up with peace . That is what I have seen . What is democracy. Does it means living in paradise?
Where is the so called Democracy that your so called coalition brought. Your brought more harm than good for Gambians and the Gambia in general.

Your people lying saying we are now free. Who was a slave when president Jammeh was ruling? All those saying they are now free are either tribalist, lairs or hypocrites . When will you stop lying? And now do we have a nation free from tribalism and Injustice. We are now slave than ever .we are in the era of mental slavery as our country is not control by our own people.

You call that one freedom when another country is controlling your own country . Lets stop hypocrisy. You think we will join or support your on your hypocrisy? Never we are civilized for that.

Authored By

Bakary Pa Boy Jarju