Home Politics A Gambian Civil Servant Writes to Unifying Newspaper

A Gambian Civil Servant Writes to Unifying Newspaper


Dear Editor,

I hope you will publish my message on your very informative and respected site. At my office here in Banjul even the PS at the ministry is very impressed. You are now talk of the town! Your videos on you tube are very interesting and we’re pleading with you to please keep them coming.
Someone sent it to my uncle on Watsapp and he forward it to me and my junior. The network was bad but we had to buy more credit to watch it. My friend now download it we share it on Bluetooth among our friends.

I am a coalition supporter but after we seen your newspaper online, We are confused about Barrow. In my office one lady said she knows you.

I’m going to give you my best information from my Department of State DoS where I work. I know about some things that is going on but I am not sure weather to report it or not. If they mess with the system, I will expose it through your medium.
Everything is fine here. Only they are confusing things. I don’t understand why. Hopefully God will help us.

Thank you very much Sir and I will keep you posted.

Yours sincerely,

From a concerned Civil Sevant