Since he sneaked out of the country under the disguise of attending a meeting in Mali, (escorted out by the Liberian President Ellen Johnson) the ‘Seizure-Bound’ Leader of the seven Party Coalition’; decided to abdicate his duties and settled in Senegal for weekends, until some Senegalese started speaking out and telling him to return home to the Gambia and take care of business. Which in itself, is a Shame to say the least.

He clearly is incompetent of making conscious decisions as expected of a Leader, who is truly worth his salt. Over time, He (Wheelbarrow) have Demonstrated the highest sense of irresponsibility as a Supposed -Newly Elected Leader- by not only failing all does who voted for him but went on to Sell our Sovereignty to Senegal – A Country yet to attain their own independence. And to add salt to injuries, they’re not a British but a French Colony.

Nonetheless, Am not at all surprise that, Gambians are now regretting for falling for their deceptive ways. Sadly enough, I’d warned them but thanks to the corrupted ‘IEC’ – Before they know it, our humanity and sovereignty was already being sold out to Senegal; by these bunch of ‘Cowards and Traitors’ of our future generations.

Many ordinary citizens are increasingly getting worried by the day and some are thinking of giving up on ever regaining back our sanity, following the ‘Illegal Invasion’ of our territorial integrity by  the ‘Senegalese forces’; under the disguise of ECOWAS/ ECOMOG.

Although just a tiny fraction of Gambians (Only ‘227, 000’ Plus of the Overall ‘886,000’ Plus Electorates) are elated with the fact that, there is a change of system of governance but the overwhelming majority of the Gambian Populace are currently faced and are living a life of ‘uncertainty’ under the newly ‘imposed government’ of the seven-party-coalition. Already, many are wondering as to what the future holds for them and their under the sinking ship of the so called “Coalition Leaders”?

Speaking to very concerned Citizens from different political affiliations on the ground, one lady (Name Withheld) argued that, the coalition have nothing in-store for us and that, they did not only sell our country but Wrecked the future of our children before they even assume power.  A Notion that, I tend to concur with because ain’t no reason at all for ‘Adama Barrow & Mai Fatty’ to Flee to Senegal, only to be ‘tricked & blindfolded’ into selling our sovereignty, in-exchange for some VIP treatment in Senegal and the guarantee of the seat of power in our motherland.

In another conversation I had with a father of three, who wishes to remain anonymous – repeatedly praised President Jammeh for taking the Gambia from utter Darkness and into what it is today – ‘The NEW RISING GAMBIA’ – He stressed that, one; among the many things he also did was to ensure that, education is accessible to all across the Country.

Against all odds; he said, Education for the girl child & even for the boys was for free – guaranteed under President Jammeh but as it stances now, who is going to pay for our children’s education? He went to ask, Will these old guards be considering the plight of our children or will they be neglecting their right to education by asking us to pay for our children?

This are very legitimate questions for the incoming government to answer because have so far, nothing is yet to said; to reassure us and our children of a continuation of what the APRC Led Government did for us all as a Nation, he lamented.

The truth is, ‘Adama Wheelbarrow’ and his so called ‘team of experts’ have woefully failed us in every step of the way so Gambians, best to prepare for the worth if they do not start getting their acts together and focus on rearranging things so we all can begin to see a glimmer of hope, if at all there is anything to be hopeful about.

Our investigative team are working tirelessly on the ground, talking to Gambians from all works of life and across our political spectrum, to hear directly from them, regarding the current political situation they are confronted with today and what it feels like to be waking up under full occupation?

Based on our findings, unifying newspaper can authoritatively report that,  many of the Coalition supporters and non-supporters alike, are increasingly disappointed with the turnout of events and are left betrayed by these Old timers. As we speak, criminals/thieves are currently flooding the country and those who already made it inside country are freely operating all over the place- Targeting and Stealing off people , left, right and center. Welcome to the New Gambia folks.

It is an unforgivable offence to have been Sworn in Senegal thus disqualifying you and your administration as the legitimate government of the Gambian People and talk-less of inviting foreign forces into our country without any consultations or regards to our sovereignty.

Gambians as a Nation will never forgive “Adama Wheelbarrow & his accomplices” for shamelessly mortgaging our future and that of our children to his partner (Mickey Mouse Sall of Senegal) in crime.

Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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