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Breaking News : – A Gambian Female Police Officer Mariama Jallow Attacked and Stabbed In An Armed Robbery.


As the days go by, many Gambians are increasingly getting worried because the sequences of events that are currently happening in our motherland, as we speak.

Instead of rejoicing over the supposed change of system of governance they now have in The Gambia, many are now living in FEAR like never experienced before. – ‘Armed Robbers’ are physically attacking our innocent citizens in our streets and yet, these so called ‘agents of change’ COALITION GOVERNMENT are busy sharing and fighting over Position, while they ignoring the fact that, there is a complete break down of law and order in the Gambia today.

This is the Second time in a matter of weeks; that, we received reports of ‘LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS’ of THE GAMBIA (police woman) being VIOLENTLY ATTACKED AND STABBED by a ‘Gang Of Youths’ who are believed to be supporters of the Coalition Led Government.

In the past 24 Hrs, another victim of these thugs turns out to be another Female Police Officer by the name; Mariama Jallow – She is Posted at Piccadilly Police Station, coming from TASK FORCE duties- And It was from there that, She finished her normal duties and decided to take a walk home, not knowing that, it will be a walk she will never forget.

On her way home at night, Mariam Jallow  was VIOLENTLY approached by two men with Knives and unfortunately, while defending herself from these Armed-Robbers, she was severely stabbed THREE TIMES on her back and TWICE on her Arm.

Thankfully though, Mariama Jallow’s condition is severe but is not life threatening as we pen this piece to paper. Nevertheless, She will undoubtedly need further medical assistance to conduct a surgery and to ensure her speedy recovery from her traumatic ordeal and heal the wounds she sustained during this senseless ‘violent armed-robbery’.


The news we are receiving of late; regarding the skyrocketing crime-rate in our motherland is a serious concern to not just me but to every ‘PATRIOTS’ of our motherland.

The Gambia we all use to know is one that robbers and thieves will dare not mess around in but in a blink of an eye, the gates are now open for all sort of criminals from Senegal and the sub region to flood in and start operating freely, while our so called coalition government are busy, fighting over positions -(PALASSO)- And all what not, forgetting that, GAMBIA and GAMBIANS Come FIRST AND SHOULD ALWAYS COME FIRST.

It is or may prove to be a tragedy in the making hence we now have an incompetent and half-baked leader and his supposed Team Of Experts; who seems to careless of what is going on in the country but rather  busy in juggling for power in their Fraudulently- Selected & Imposed Government of the Day.

Do they seems to care about what is happening to our Police Officers Of late? How can a FEMALE POLICE OFFICER be stabbed and they still careless to even condemn it outright, as expected of any responsible government?

Did any one of them (out of the seven leaders) come out to address the rampant “THEFT & ARMED ROBBERIES” on our streets today? Whether they care or not, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that, we take charge of the situation and not allow our peaceful society to disintegrate into violence. They need to go for they have nothing to offer us as a Nation but are only there for their own selfish interests.

If at all they really cared, then the ‘peace and security’ of our motherland and her ‘beloved citizens’ would’ve been the very top of all their priorities but so far, they’ve failed us in every step of the way so let’s send them to packing Folks.

Forward Ever – Backwards Never.

To The Gambia Ever True.

Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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