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Breaking News: We Received a leaked List of Diaspora Gambians Job Seeking and Lobbying For Positions In the UDP Led Coalition Government


We’re delighted to inform our Global audience that, we’ve received a list of names from one of our well placed sources in Banjul, revealing the infamous “DIASPORA’S LIST”, a list of those who are currently lobbying and manipulating behind close doors for positions as a reward of their long standing years of Talking, Demonstrating, Fabricating, Undermining & Inciting Violence and All Sorts in our motherland.

Although Fatou Camara and her ‘Handpicked/Selected’ Stooges and saboteurs topped the list; among the names we have on our ‘News-Desk’, includes of those who lost their family members, others served time in the name of removing the ‘APRC Party Led Government’, others were Fired from the ‘APRC GOVERNMENT’ and as a result, they became very ‘bitter & vindictive and spiteful’ to towards the very regime that made them.

One like ‘Fatou Camara & Her List Of Friends‘ should be the least of all people to have any form of influence in dictating the day to day affairs of our motherland. But according to our well placed source, “She is now in full control of what goes on behind close doors. Like She successfully manipulated her way to the very top and pretended to ‘President Jammeh‘ that, ‘She loves him more than she loves her own Biological Father’, until she was BUSTED on her tracks-giving away states secrets, Jumped Bail and fled to the US – She will be doing worst than that; to all cabinet Members of this Old Pa Government”. “Mark my Words”, our source asserted. “She even changed her dress code on Facebook live to lure her unsuspecting and vulnerable targets withing the coalition Government” the source further asserted.

Her destructive lifestyle of ‘Lying, grassing and Deceiving’ Schemes is now getting out of hand. So please do support and warn the Gambians about this ‘Evil Lady’ and please publish this list of ‘Opportunists and Intellectual Prostitutes’ for everyone to see. Belie bro, they sold the Gambia ( like you will often say), and they are now sharing the meat-And everyone of these fakers are looking to have a Piece Of The Pie – said our very reliable and funny source. We Love You Dearly. Keep It Up.


We are deeply humbled that; everything we said before and still saying is all coming out to light for all to see. In time, Gambians will sooner or later; wake up to the reality of the times we currently are living in.

Also we’re fully aware that there is a catalog of ongoing Witch-Hunting spear headed by the ‘MINISTER OF INTERIOR (MAI FATTY & FATOU CAMARA) – But in as much as she/they’re determined to COVERTLY EMBARK on a Witch Hunting of her /their one time bedfellows or those they deemed as enemies in the former regime, I will once again, take this opportunity to urge the Barrow Administration to be extremely careful of what she is trying to persuade the Coalition Government to do.  In England is what we call “SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT”, if you listen to this Fatou Camara.

Evidently to date, She is desperately injecting her toxic venom of ‘RETRIBUTION’ in your minds; daily, knowingly that, it will only lead our motherland into chaos and if the Government is not careful of these DESPERATE CHARACTERS, they and their Selfish Interests and False Pretense will soon end up in the City Of Had I Known – Which Shall Never Be Known.

As an incoming government – Instead of focusing on Unifying the Gambians as people of one Nation, it appears that you’re focusing your attention to this ‘Hypocrite & Psychopathic Lair’ of the highest order? Fatou Camara?

COME OUT of the closet BARROW! Please show us who’s the man in charge of our country. For one, your message is delivered to the Gambian populace via a spokesperson with a message written by the spokesperson on your behave and argued for, justified and defended by the same spokesperson for the in-cumming-government. eh!eh!eh! 

Common Adama Barrow, it is not rocket science to assess that you’re not the brightest penny in the box. We know this for a fact. That’s why Lawyer Darboe is at Foreign Affairs Ministry so that he can intervene when it comes to hard core diplomacy. You suffer from a deficiency in articulation. The inability to express your thoughts in speech or writing. Your speeches are written for you and printed in large bold format so that you can read then. And you study the speech at home like a schoolboy. RIGHT? You hate Halifa Sallah because he forces you to use big words so that people will take you seriously.

Interesting times ahead folks. We’ll be closely monitoring this Script Of The Other Side Of Your Drama. If you guys are naive enough to fall for Fatou Camara’s CROOKED-MANIPULATIVE-WAYS, then you all will be giving us good enough reasons to kick you all out; ASAP-By the grace of the Almighty.

NB:) Like that of the list of ministers we published hours before it was officially disclosed to the general public, we intend to take time, review and thoroughly investigate the list of names submitted to this Medium by our ‘Brilliant Agent X’ (Unifying Newspaper),before publication- Hence it exposes the Names of those (LIVING IN THE DIASPORA); allegedly lobbying and scrambling for positions behind close doors at this hour, common sense & our ethical standards will dictate us to do our job properly before  disseminating such information to our global audience.

Once we are certain and satisfied with our follow up investigations regarding this story line, the list will soon be made public, as expected. Thank you all for your understanding, cooperation and support. We are deeply humbled.

Forward Ever – Backwards Never.

To The Gambia Ever True.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

NB: If you have any info to share with us or articles for publication, please contact us via our ‘News-desk’ by emailing us :-  unifyingradio@gmail.com