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BREAKING NEWS: An Innocent Woman Was Arrested Last Week For Allegedly Sharing My Audios – Our Soldiers (Jollas) Are Currently Being Framed By The Failed Tribal-Regime!!


After Openly Praising The Social Media platforms For Supposedly Securing Him A Victory (Even though we all do know that it was the biggest scam of our Political history), Adama Barrow of all people and his Government are now arresting people for listening and sharing my audios in the Gambia today?

Understandably though, I am like a thorn in their flesh, but how far are (Adama Barrow and his Miserably Failed regime) they prepared to go in suppressing the will of the overwhelming majority of the Gambians?

Since last week, It was brought to our attention; that, three members of our Armed Forces were being targeted, arrested and falsely accused of having links with “Unifying Newspaper”, just because of the exclusive pictures of Enssa Tamba, the then Commander Of Fajara Barracks, which I initially published on my Facebook timeline.
According to a reliable source, upon hearing and reading my publication, he went ballistic and started to randomly accuse those he suspected to have secretly taken pictures of him and his dealings. He claimed that they sent me his pictures when in actual truth, I never spoke to any of them at all.
But considering the fact that we were approaching the historic day of our Annual Anniversary, I thought it wise to ignore these Bunch of USELESS-ATTENTION-SEEKERS; who was hell bent on ruining our 22nd July Celebration. They still went ahead and arrested innocent soldiers for no apparent reason, other than their pettiness and paranoia – However, they suddenly changed the narratives from having links with Unifying Newspaper to plotting to assassinate an unnamed VP.
The allegation of a possible mutiny is a nothing but blowing hot air. Our brothers were simply keeping in touch with each other using the very same platforms we are using in this digital age. We all can attest to the fact that our brothers in uniform were not only disarmed but humiliated and systematically purged along tribal lines.
In fact, as we speak, many Soldiers from the Jolla ethnicity are being rounded up,  arrested and falsely accused. And out of desperation to make something out of nothing, these USELESS-PUPPETS are blatantly lying just to frame innocent people for a crime they never contemplated on doing. Mutiny? I wonder who they intended to fool other than themselves? It is a lie. The narrative of a failed plot to assassinate an unknown VP and accusation of our brothers in uniform are NOT TRUE GAMBIA. IT IS ANOTHER FAT LIE. PERIOD!!
EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re currently investigating another rights violation, involving an innocent lady (Name Withheld) who was arrested last weekend (Saturday, 22nd-July) and detained over night for allegedly sharing my audios to her list of friends. She was questioned and her mobile phone seized for no apparent reason other than to monitor her communication. We are gathering all the facts surrounding her ordeal and we will be compiling a comprehensive report on her case, by the grace of the Almighty.
To conclude, I will urge Adama Barrow’s Failed regime to desist from manufacturing lies just to continue violating the fundamental rights of our citizens. Best to release all the countless Soldiers currently languishing in various prisons, in both Yundum and Fajara Military-Barracks.
We are currently documenting many rights violations that will surely come back to haunt you and your government officials if you do not change direction. A Word Is Surely Enough For Wise.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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