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BREAKING NEWS: Another Son Of Adama Barrow Suffered Burns – Why Are They Quiet Like They Did With The Case Of Habibou Barrow’ Death?


News reaching us now is worrying and as always, we deemed it absolutely necessary to put the Gambians and our Global Audience in the know because what is transpiring behind the scenes and in the open is deeply troubling and we are very concerned, to say the least.

The world (International Community) may have been united in imposing this current government on us as a nation because the packages of lies and deceptive methods the opposition parties used to manipulate them; and succeeded in rallying for their support. We at Unifying Newspaper urge the International Community to take an observational role in their relationship with UDP Led Coalition Government In Banjul must be reviewed to avoid ever repeating such a catastrophic error of judgement as experienced in other parts of the world.

We completely understand and appreciate the solidarity shown to us Gambians by our friends around the globe during the recent self-imposed political inpass. We know it for a fact that the whole world want the Gambia and her people to do well. That is in their interest and the interest of humanity at large. But I guess by now, base on the recent extreme developments coming out of Banjul, they all will be in regret if at all they are sincere and genuine in seeing a stable and Prosperous Gambia.

The current INCOMPETENT, FAILED, ILLEGITIMATE & FRAUDULENTLY imposed Leader of our motherland have so much questions to answer and the more he and his wife keeps on insulting our intelligence by down playing the ‘Mysterious Death’ Of Their Precious Little Boy (Habibou Barrow), is the more determined our medium will be; to get to the very bottom of this million dollar questions as to what were the circumstances leading to his death? Why was the entire family evacuated to Senegal Only For the Boy to be mauled to death by a mysterious dog? We need answers Barrow, please!.

Rest in Peace, Habibou. We are determined to fight on until we get to the bottom of this unfortunate incident. Whether it is a case of gross child negligence or a callous act of premeditated ritualized, sacrificial murder of an innocent child. Will not rest until we secure justice for you Handsome.

Yet in another development, according to our reliable source embedded in within Barrow’s Inner-Circle, extremely weird and peculiar events are happening within his own family members as another member of his own ‘flesh and blood’ suffered severe burns but they are hiding it from everyone and continues to pretend as if nothing happened. Our source went on to categorically make it absolutely clear to us that, “the man messed up big time because he lost it all when he allowed himself to be manipulated by one of his close confidant, who runs his Errands in consulting with Marabouts within the sub-region”.

He repeatedly argued his case and firmly asserted that, alleging Adama Barrow Sacrificed his own SON (Habibou Barrow) and his Demons are now asking for more and will be asking for more and more blood and sighted the fact that, another son sustained not long ago and the house of his closet ‘RIGHT-HAND’ friend MR JATTA; who does all his marabou works (Voodoo -Black-magic) is also burnt down beyond recognition in an INFERNO. “In the western world one would say this is one case Exorcism at its best.  The spiritual practice of purportedly evicting demons of bad luck in favor of those of good luck! And in return, some form of payback must be made to both medium and demonic entities. This payback is usually in the form of cash or kind to the Medium(Marabout) and the Demonic Entities (Devils or Gins as we say it in Islam) are  usually compensated with what ever they demanded which may include sacrificing human or animal blood, and if any demands are not honored by the benefactor in our case Adama Barrow, then this will results to a sequence of bizzar events like infernos engulfing properties and humans burning them down and human or animal blood must spill. Now you wonder why they went straight for the WAR OPTION? I need not say any further…

The source also sighted the most recent Horrific-Accident that took place in Kitty, Western Gambia involving supporters of the Coalition and questioned me as to whether am not connecting the dots by now based on the sequence of events? See pictures. Warning. Some people may find some of the images disturbing. Viewing at your own discretion. 

Despite the fact that these victims are supporters of the UDP Led Coalition, before publishing this article, We waited for official announcement and show of empathy  or at least distribute a press release so that we can establish the facts as to what transpired. But we have not been able to see or heard of anything from the government of Adama Barrow. So the information is based on eye witness accounts. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: – I said it many times that, something is not right in the narration, surrounding the mysterious death of Habibou Barrow because nothing adds up here. One moment, we received a very heartbreaking info but at the time, we couldn’t come to terms with what we heard and didn’t know where or who to turn to until it actually happened.

We couldn’t verify the shocking news of Ritualistic practices that Barrow is allegedly involving himself into but so far, all indications are that, considering his heartlessness and the lack of any display of empathy or show of remorse and emotions regarding the death of his own son (Habibou Barrow) and the continuous concealment of another accident involving his Son again, he may stand to be accused to killing his own flesh and blood in exchange for power, so we are urging and encouraging the parents of the children in question here to come forward.

Regardless though, Unifying Newspaper will be on this case, until justice is found for Habibow Barrow. Power, by the grace of the Almighty.

Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK


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