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BREAKING NEWS: CDS – Mansanneh Kinteh Said ‘IF he’d Sustained Bruises It Will Be Investigated’ -Is He Implying That He Is Yet To Personally Visit The Severely Tortured Soldier In Hospital??


We at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ have been closely monitoring the ongoing witch-hunt of our brothers (Soldiers) in uniform by the Failed-UDP-LED Government in Banjul from the onset and for very obvious reasons. It is now an open secret that Many Gambian Soldiers are illegally being incarcerated, others since January, without any justification.

In fact, after launching and conducting a thorough investigation regarding the case of Yorro Jatta and his colleagues in Fajara Barracks, – We established that it was all nothing but a hunt-witch of the Jammeh’s and Jollas in within our Armed Forces and other Governmental departments.

It could be recalled that one of the Soldiers “Samboujang Bojang” falsely accused and arrested for allegedly aiding and abetting his colleague (who escaped from detention and fled the country) was severely tortured at the ‘SIS’, from morning until late hours into the night.

According to our well-placed sources in within the high ranks of our Military, Military Police did actually carried out their own internal investigations into their case but found nothing on them.

However, that wasn’t satisfactory to one ‘Yusupha Jallow’, who took it upon himself to escalate the situation so as to further implicate these innocent brothers just because of his personal secret agenda of getting some form of recognition by the current regime. He allegedly contacted the Director General (Ousman Sowe Aka Degree) of the ‘SIS’and referred ‘Samboujang Bojang’ to Banjul for further interrogations. 

He was taken from Fajara Barracks in morning by these wicked and heartless dudes (Yusupha Jallow) to the Headquarters of the SIS in Banjul to be tortured just so they can force him to admit to what he really knows nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing about at all. 

According to our impeccable sources, upon his arrival at the headquarters, he has questioned all sorts but regardless of what answers he gave them, nothing seems to satisfy his interrogators. They repeatedly yelled and threatened him with death if he doesn’t accept the False charges levelled against his innocent soul but given his reluctance to accept the unacceptable, he was then asked to under dress and they handcuff him, then hang him up upside down for hours. He was electrocuted and a fire was also lit beneath him, just so he can confess to an alleged crime he did not commit in the first place. #NEWGAMBIA???

After gathering all the relevant information we needed to further expose the truth to the world, regarding the state of paranoia ‘The Failed and Useless Tribal government’ are living under, and the sequences of events leading to the arrests of our innocent brothers (Soldiers) in Uniform, we can reliably inform the world that all those arrested and accused of plotting a Munty are all innocent for nothing like that was true.

Unless they return back to their laboratory as so to manufacture fresh another packages of lies against them, then we shall deal with that too but if we are to go by their Whatapp allegations of Mutiny, it is baseless and unfounded. 

During our investigation in this particular case in question, we managed to establish a direct contact with a close family member of ‘Yusupha Jallow’, who revealed to this medium that, ‘Yusupha Jallow’ was personally sponsored by our benevolent ‘President Jammeh’ until he finished his University Education; so his shocking behavior of late is rather regrettable, said a family member.

Another Soldier we spoke to about his professional misconduct of referring an innocent colleague to be severely tortured at the SIS – He vented his anger of his involvement in such cruelty and said, Yusupha Jallow of all people should really have known better, because he shouldn’t be doing such evil things to people who helped him when he was nothing in life.

The Darkhearted Men (Mai Fatty, Yusupha Jallow & Ousman Sowe) and all those playing the leading roles in seeking ways of victimising them should be warned that the world is keenly following and documenting everything you all are now doing to the Gambian masses. And so far, countless numbers of Gambians (Jollas and Other Tribes) have already fallen victims of the tribal discriminatory policies of the Failed-UDP-LED tribal government of the day. Remember that what goes around, will surely come back around. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: In our ever growing lists of Victims of this ‘Failed, Tribalised and Corrupted System’ of the ‘Far-Right-Extremists’ in our motherland today,’ – Many are equally shocked to learn that, not only are they looting our coffers and syphoning it to Senegal; or shot and killed (Haruna Jatta) an innocent protester, but they’re and will also be found wanting for torturing an innocent ‘Amry Officer’ and hiding him in a secured hospital ward at this hour.
According to our reporter on the ground, who secretly visited the hospital, apart from his wife, not even his own family members are allowed to visit him. So Where are the ‘Amnesty International, and the rest of the International Human Rights Organisations’? By the way, where are the so called Human Rights Activists/strugglers?

Although Mansanneh Kinteh (CDS), Yusupha Jallow, Ousman Sow and the Army PRO are all playing it cool with the Media by talking loose but we shall be coming up with a comprehensive report on all these individual characters involved in victimising Innocent Gambians in the Name of a new Government, headed by the Sleepyheadedes, the grace of the Almighty. 

On a final note, We urge ‘Adama Barrow and his government’ to take immediate actions against both ‘Yusupha Jallow and Ousman Sowe’ so as to remedy the brewing tension in the Gambia and beyond.

It is unacceptable that these men can do such a thing and be still in active duties and yet, your government is investigating them? A word is enough for the wise.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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