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BREAKING NEWS: Corruption Hits The Coalition Government As The New MD (MR SULAYMAN SUSO) Got Busted On His Tracks!!!


Corruption, tribalism, and nepotism is rapidly surfacing it’s ugly face again in our motherland, under the supposed coalition government of the day.

According to very reliable sources reaching out to this medium- It is alleged that, many government officials are heavily indulging in committing “White-Color -Crimes” without the acknowledgment of the average tax-payers of the Gambia, which is not a surprise to one like myself at all because they have nothing to offer us but steal from the poorest of our society, instead.

With the help and unflinching support of all patriotic citizens of our motherland, we shall (Unifying Newspaper) be shinning our spotlight on all dark corners across the various departments in due course, by the grace of the Almighty.

Of late, many managing directors (MD’s) of several state institutions were systematically targeted and wrongfully dismissed because of their tribe and not because of any wrong doings as they (The Tribalists Of The UDP) falsely and shamelessly accused them of doing.

As we all do know, such baseless allegations are nothing but a mere ploy to easily removed them for their hard-earned and rightfully deserved positions so to pursue their tribal agenda

Needless-to-say, Managing directors of institutions like the Ports Authorities, Gamtel, SSHFC etc – All fell victim to this ongoing witch-hunting of decent citizens of the Gambia simply because of a dialect they using as a means of communication.

Ironically, LEGENDS are being fired along tribal lines only to be replaced by ‘CRIMINALS’ under the supposed New Gambia.


The (UDP-LED) coalition government are doing everything to rake in as much money as possible, in this very short space of time and their tribal retributive agenda is in full exhibition.

Here is the latest news coming from one of our impeccable sources in within the company itself.

Mr Sulayman Suso the new MD has authorize Gamcel to transfer $75,000 to unknown roaming partner during his tenure in office,now they are accusing the former MD Sanyang for trying to bribe them with mobile phones costing D441,000.

It is true the phone were bought and delivered to the Ministers but the main reason  why the phone were bought was a marketing strategic because most of this Ministers travel a lot and giving them out Sim card and Mobile phone will make them hub to our network,and when ever they travel they will be using our Sim card to roam which will generate huge revenue and foreign currency to the Company.

This screen shot was taken from the person who leak the document to Fatu Camara because he is not in goo
d term with the MD his name is Jula Bah and Internal Auditor,your can go ahead and post screen shot.

NB: – We (Unifying Newspaer) are urging the New Managing Director (Sulayman Suso) to come out and clarify his dealings by telling us to whom he is making this aforementioned payment to and why?

EDITOR’S NOTE: – The vicious circle of stitching up people (LIKE IN THE CASE OF MR SANYANG AND JULA BAH) because of one’s personal grudges and hatred is evidently on the rise in within this failed coalition government as many are hellbent on settling scores but we as civilized and decent citizens should reject such destructive thoughts and ways, in it’s entirety. It is a recipe for our own downfall so let’s cast it all away and speak of the truth.

y fellow Gambians, do please take a good look at the secret dealings of this dubious character they now put at the helm of affairs in Gamtel and tell me, if he is better than his predecessor (Mr Sanyang) who was falsely accused for using his “instincts and intelligence” by employing a good marketing strategy of luring in more customers for his networking company?

Nevertheless, the flimsy accuses they often come up with as credible and justifiable reasons for their dismissal is of the shallowest of all and it only goes to further authenticate my long standing argument that, this UDP-LED Coalition government are nothing less than a ‘NATIONAL-DISASTER’.

Therefore, we as a Nation must now seek ways to redemption by emancipating ourselves and that of our future generations free from these bunch of Tribal-fanatics, robbers and thieves.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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