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BREAKING NEWS: Did The New Inspector General Of Police Denied (The APRC ) Us Of The Legally Required Permit To Celebrate The Birthday Of Our Party???


Last night, the police spokesperson (Foday Conta) came on ‘GRTS’ to express his deepest appointment regarding the front line publication of standard newspaper, purportedly quoting our Honorable Member of Parliament (Musa Amul Nyassi), for allegedly stating that a written permit was already issued to the APRC Party to celebrate the upcoming 22 July Anniversary.

Although the police denied issuing us any permit for now but it is clear in his own statement that, we as a Party are following the right procedures of applying for a permit as stipulated in our constitution. So according to the police spokesperson, our application is in progress and it is at the management level at this stage.

Whatever happens between the reporting journalist and Amul Nyassi is beyond me. nonetheless, we at ‘unifying newspaper’ are made to understand that, it was all a well calculated and coordinated move by the government to not only mislead the general public, but use it as a reason to go on denying us of the legally required permit to lawfully assemble in peace to mark the anniversary and birth of our great and diverse party. Nevertheless, such cynical moves will not and shall never be entertained because we all do have the right to gather and celebrate. Unless if they can completely remove 22nd July of the annual calendar, then we will not celebrate it, but otherwise, let them give us a break for heaven sake.

Despite the vague threats and subversive attempts by the “Tribal Fanatics” of the Failed UDP led government to influence “Mai Fatty” so that he can deny us of our constitutional rights to hold a peaceful assemble, members of our diverse Party are equally determined to show our solidarity and love for our party and celebrate our collective achievements since the birth of our revolution.

Suffice it to say, we’re known for our high level of discipline and tolerance but as citizens of our motherland, we will also not be Cowed by either this ‘Failed-tribal government or their supporters’ from celebrating our success as a Party.

Hence we are on record to have taken the right procedures of honoring the laws of our beloved motherland by applying for a permit as a way of notifying the authorities of our intentions of observing our birthday as a family- The opinion of our critics really doesn’t matter because they are simply living in denial and shamelessly bending facts based on twisted and narrow minded nature.

Let it be known to all that, we are the APRC and we are the biggest and yet most disciplined and accomplished political party in this country but our kindness and law abiding nature shouldn’t be misinterpreted by this Minority-government as a weakness.

We are Gambians and do have equal rights like everyone else to peacefully Assemble, in observing the birthday of our revolutionary party of all patriotic citizens.

If at all this government want to ensure the continuous peace and stability of our motherland, let them refrain from provoking a situation that they can’t handle because nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop us from celebrating our birthday. We heard what their supporters are saying, but they will soon realize that the Gambia belongs to one and all. It doesn’t belong to Lawyer Darboe, Adama Barrow or Mai Fatty.

The Gambians are now determined more than ever before to come out in large numbers if denied a permit, so best to leave us alone or be stretched to breaking point. Your choice, but we shall not be bullied to Silence, come what may.

Let it be absolutely clear, we are coming out in peace to enjoy ourselves and no one will or can stop it from happening. We will defend ourselves if met with violence by either the authorities or supporters of the regime, at any given time.

EDITOR’S NOTE:,- By the way, who knows of the serious implications and consequences of blatantly attempting to kill off our great party by suppressing the will of the overwhelming majority of Gambians?

Rigging both elections is not enough and you all now want to push your luck with us, right? Good luck!!

For the record, I’m urging the government to stop playing it shallow and give us our permit in accordance with our constitutional rights as citizens. Doing so will be for the better still.

But otherwise, then expect to jeopardize the peace and tranquility of our motherland on that day because nothing is going to stop Gambians from observing the 22 July Anniversary..No amount of threats or arrests will cut the cake with us. So let common sense prevail so as to maintain the peace and stability of our motherland. But let it be known to all and sundry that, we intend to peacefully celebrate our revolution, whether the critics like it or not. With or without a permit, Gambians from across the country will be gathering in peace, and celebrate it together as a family. Therefore, We’re patiently waiting to hear the final verdict from the office of the Inspector General Of Police. If you’re not a member or a sympathizer of our great party, the APRC, then please stay away and watch the date fly pass you in the comfort of your homes and let us be in perfect peace and harmony.

Words of the wise,- Don’t try to catch a burning-charcoal with your fingers or you will surely get burn.!! A word Is Enough For The Wise.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK.

Chief-Editor Of “Unifying Newspaper”
Recipient Of “The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘O.R.G’.