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BREAKING NEWS: – Famara Shorty Jammeh – What Crime Did ‘Awa Sanyang’ Committed To Warrant The Shocking Dead Threats She Received Weeks Ago??


Gambians and non-Gambians alike; are deeply concerned following the shocking threats and the ongoing witch-hunting of an innocent mother, currently living in Finland.

It could be recalled that, “Famara Shorty Jammeh” openly threatened and vowed to fly from Sweden, all the way to Finland, just to go and kill (Awa Sanyang), a single mother, simply because she is supporting a different political party and speaking against the tribal politics of some supporters of the UDP.

In fact, this particular incident happened not long ago – It was During the holy month of Ramadan that we’ve witnessed one of the most shallowest and yet, a horrifying episode unfolding live on both (Facebook Live & Whatsapp) social media platforms. A grown man with his balls between his legs, openly issuing dead threats, directed at a woman? Just because of politics? Unbelievably stupid, in every sense of the word.

Although there is a general consensus that, his disgraceful behavior and unacceptable threats is rather Shockingly shameful on his part, but in the books of all those who really knows of his family’s tainted reputations and long standing track-records of hypocrisy, lies and deception, they were the very least surprised with their latest political-stunts.

They all asserted that, he and his entire family involved in this case are all nothing but opportunists and political prostitutes of the highest order. They’re convinced that, Famara Shorty Jammeh and his family are trying to use ‘Awa Sanyang’ as a scapegoat to lobby for favors with the new government of the day.
According to many keen observers (Eye witnesses) and our reliable sources we spoke to during our investigations, to establish the truth, many pointed out the fact that Awa Sanyang said nothing and did absolutely nothing wrong to warrant the dead threats she received from Famara Shorty Jammeh and his family.

Many asserted that, Awa Sanyang was celebrating her birthday and went live on Facebook to thank and share the moment with her friends. It was during her live show that she addressed the ongoing tribal tension currently brewing in our country, because of some of the toxic elements in within the UDP led government. After that, she sang songs for her friends and party leadership, urging Gambians to stay away from tribalism, and that was it.

However, ‘Famara Shorty Jammeh’ suddenly jumped on her case out of the blues and started to shamelessly put his spin to what she was saying and attacked her from all angles.

Despite the fact that, everyone heard clearly what ‘Awa Sanyang’ was saying, and that, she never insulted anyone at all. – These Vampires (Famara Shorty Jammeh, and his sister Jalli Jammeh), were desperately trying to put words in her mouth by falsely accusing her of insulting their (Mandingka) mother, and all Mandingoes etc..(Which is the “fattest-lie” ever attributed to such a very thoughtful, lovely and kindhearted mother in the person of Awa Sanyang).

They went on to mobilize people against her and her family back home in Bakau. They did not only attack her on social media platforms, but gave away her phone number in their private forums, so that, the supporters of the UDP will be dialing her phone, issuing dead threats and raining Insults on her and family daily.
According to our impeccable sources on the ground, Some of their surrogates (living here in the Diaspora) even went as far as calling her family directly in the Gambia, and Exchanged bitter insults with her younger sister, for no genuine reason other than their hypocrisy, Jealousy and wickedness.

Despite the wide condemnation of his actions by all and sundry, we at unifying newspaper are deeply concern of her general well-being and that of her baby girl in Finland at this hour. We at Unifying Newspaper shall never relent nor blink for a second regarding this serious threats directed at Awa Sanyang, by Famara Shorty Jammeh and his family.

Needless-to-say, It is understood that she is deeply traumatized with the barrages dead threats she received from unscrupulous characters both home and abroad. But we shall not let them get away with any of their calculated moves to threaten, bully and silence these innocent lady for whatever reason.

In addition, let it be known to all those involved in this case that, after conducting a thorough investigation, we do now have all the credible information we needed; and all the evidence of our findings are at our disposal as we piece together this article for publication.

To conclude, We at Unifying Newspaper are hereby pleading and urging the government’s of both Sweden and Finland to ensure that, her life and that of her baby girl are fully protected in accordance with the Geneva convention on human rights. She deserve nothing less than comfort and a sense of full protection and her baby in Finland.

For the sake of posterity, We’re currently working extremely hard so as to provide the full transcript of the audio released by “Famara Shorty Jammeh” in English, hence he issued his dead-threats in our Local Language. Never mind – It will soon be readily available for the relevant authorities concerned.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for further inquires or for the submission of all our findings and evidence currently at our disposal. We can be reached via our ‘News-Desk’ email at ( Unifyingradio@gmail.com ).
Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK.

Chief-Editor Of “Unifying Newspaper”

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia”.- ‘O.R.G’.