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BREAKING NEWS: Fatou MbaranKat Camara – The Husband Snatcher Did It Again In Style But Who Was She Fooling Though???


After wrecking so many lives in the Gambia back in her days, Fatou Camara will never cease to amaze us with her
calculated moves so shallow, is simply beyond believe folks.

Gambians, can you all believe the cheapest of all lies you all heard her dropping on TFM?

For your information, Fatou Camara, Gambians are NO fools to be fooled by a bloody fool and pathological lair of your Elks in this day and age. Haven’t I told you before that, you will live to regret your own work of iniquity? Haven’t I told you to stop fabricating and spreading lies like a cursed being? 

Fatou Camara, you just cannot stop telling lies because without a doubt, it is in your DNA so I for one will never be surprised with your utterances.

In fact, our News-Desk has been inundated with messages from Gambians on the ground, informing us of your remarkable performance on TFM and your pronouncement of your home coming but amazingly though, the voice notes we received from our agents and Gambians on the ground all expressed their utter dismay because of your carefully manufactured LIES you spewed on TFM.
Although over the years, it has become a national consensus as we (The Overwhelming Majority Of Gambians) unanimously concluded that Fatou Camara, the Wannabe Oprah, is one of the MOST-CELEBRATED-LIARS in our Nation’s history and we’d warned that, She will never-ever stop telling lies because of her Narcissism, and again, our assertion stood to pass the test of time.

Regardless of the fact that President Jammeh (the man who paid for your education, offered her all the privileges there is to offer his Pet-Child and wiped her tears and made her who was and is still today) is now gone, Fatou Camara still can’t help herself but continue putting her egotistical traits on display by hitting the airwaves in Senegal, only to do what she does best – Telling blatant lies against our Great Leader and members of our diverse Party.

The truth is, the dilemma Fatou Camara now finds herself in today is that of her own making and no one else. To put it very, very nicely, Fatou Camara is one of the most toxic and deadliest false pretenders I have ever known – All those who worked with her back in her hay days will tell you the very same. Likewise, those of us she meets here (So-Called Struggle That Never Was) in the Diaspora.

Who was she fooling when say openly lied on TFM that, she often recieve death threats from Members of the APRC? Insinuating that, her life is under threat but regardless, she will be coming back to the Gambia but what exactly is traumatising these Classical hypocrites at this hour folks? Why will she still be hiding in Senegal and talking from her behind like a loose cannon? Hmmmm.I hope she wasn’t out to hunt down another for a one night stand in Senegal before her great home coming….LoL.

Fatou Camara tell lies as if that is what will take her straight to heaven or attain her innermost desire of becoming the centre of attention again. No Chance Fatou – You are old and outdated still. Hahahahah. Why are you shamelessly using our decent name as a Party to lobby for favours from Adama Barrow’s failed regime?Which position are you hunting for Fatou? Hey! Stop lying and face the reality because you not talking to fools like yourself Fatou Camara. If you’ve failed to succeed in manipulating your way to the top again, then try doing something better for yourself than stooping this low and still lying to your teeth daily. Your mouth even went sideways just because of the tonnes of destructive lies you’ve already spread in the short span of your life time.But not even that wouldn’t cut the cake for you, Fatou AyeGaff Camara. Believe you me, Young talented Gambians you were fighting against and set-up to fail (so that you may succeed) are out there waiting to confront you on a level, and you know full well of your own wickedness and toxic nature. Deal with it and stop fabricating lies, upon lies.

NB: TFM is useless in resolving your personal dealings with Gambians as a Nation nor will any wise administration dare to associate themselves with your Elks Fatou – Gambians all do know you for who you truly are and even the Senegalese do know that as well. Knowing that you are a Compulsive Liar, the Senegalese often tune you like a radio and leave you to talk like a parrot, contradicting yourself all the way to the very end. What a shame on you. I will be coming back with the full script of your drama’s, including that of your latest moves to hoodwink this regime as well by using the Name of the APRC to seek some form of relevance in the eyes of Adama Barrow, Lawyer Darboe and their Failed Tribalised government. Is too Cheap Fatou. 

Fatou Narcissistic Camara, get off your high horse and know that you are no longer of any substance nor importance to Gambians after proving yourself to be one of the vilest and deadliest green-snake under the green-grass. 

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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