We at “Unifying Newspaper” have been keenly following very disturbing stories of premeditated act of violence against members of the APRC party by thugs, acting on behalf of the UDP and their Candidates for the Parliamentary elections.

As we speak, coordinated violence is currently escalating across the country as members of the APRC are being systematically targeted and physically abused by the impudent and violent thugs in within the so Called United Democratic Party under the direct orders of it leadership and some of their delusional candidates like Fatoumata Jawara.
We received credible information regarding her work of inequity at this crucial hours. Fatoumata Jawara is so desperate and terrified of playing by the rules because she knows full well that, she stance ‘NO CHANCE’ of winning the parliamentary seat that she is contesting for.

As a result of her fears, the UDP candidate conspired with her surrogates to physically attack supporters of the APRC party as a method of ensuring that, Gambians will succumb to their selfish political agenda – A strategy that seems to be the latest tactics they are using to intimidate their political rivals.

According to our reliable agents on the ground and eyes witnesses yesterday, a mother was wearing an APRC -T-Shirt of President Jammeh, when ‘Fatoumata Jawara’s UDP supporters spotted her with baby on her back, walking down the street – They verbally abused her and encouraged each other to attack and kill her and her baby just because she is an APRC member. She was attacked and severely beaten up while she was carrying an infant on her back.

Thankfully though, she was rescued by people who intervened to safe her and baby from this savage beasts of the UDP. She was rushed to the Fajikunda Police to report the matter to the police but when the police turn-up to make arrest, this youths refused to comply so the police left. They later came back for them but the youths where ready to put up a fight with the police so they retreated again. 

This morning, the victim was told to go to ‘Bundung Police station’ because they transferred the case there without any further explanation and the lady went there with her family only to be arrested and put behind bars.

Hours later, the UDP Parliamentary candidate (FATOUMATA JAWARA) turned-up with a “German Journalist” who was clearly being used by this ‘vindictive and manipulative’ lady to relay a story that is falsified on her behalf for political point scoring.

Authentic PICTURES speaks more than a thousand words Folks so Please check out for yourself. Fatoumata Jawara Busted In Action. Thanks Agents For Doing An Outstanding Job.

Fatoumata Jawara Can Be Seen Here With Her German As They Arrived At The Police Station

I just cannot believe that, Fatoumata Jawara of all people will be stooping this low just so that she can be seen as someone influential by our electorate – WHY DID SHE BROUGHT A GERMANY JOURNALIST TO THE BUNDUNG POLICE STATION, knowingly that her own ‘UDP’ supporters attacked a WOMAN like her with her baby?

Will she be truthful enough to tell her German boyfriend of the truth, regarding the impudent and violent nature of some of the UDP supporters? I bet NOT but she will of course lie him like they do BEST.

What is he told by Fatoumata Jawara and who exactly is he speaking to as he writes a story that fatou knows to be false and for what purpose is she doing this? 
What I cannot also comprehend here is that, how can the ‘Fajikunda Police station’ transfer a criminal case to ‘Bundung Police Station’ only for the TRAUMATIZED VICTIM & BABY to be ARRESTED and DETAINED?????? WHAT IS GOING GAMBIANS? 
Like that of the VICTIMS OF KANGFENDA, the perpetrators in this case too are at large and VICTIMS DETAINED- IS THAT WHAT THEY MEAN BY “NEW GAMBIA” or Gambia Has Decided????? Hmmmm – Had I known Shall Never Known.

To conclude, I will urge Fatoumata Jawara and her failed government to stop what they are doing right now and start taking charge of the escalating violence in our motherland before they are PUSHED over the Cliff in a flash. 

Fatoumata Jawara is a woman like the victim and the least one would’ve expected of her is to use her influence to further VICTIMIZE her and baby for political gains. Shame On You Fatoumata Jawara.

Although we (Gambians) can take so much but ENOUGH of this madness. Please, ‘UDP’ -desist from the Politics Of Lies & Deception for the sake of our future generations. 

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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