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BREAKING NEWS: Finally, The Dictatorial, Conniving And Hypocritical Nature Of Africa’s Biggest Stooge (Macky Sall) Is Out Now For The Entire World To See….


We at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ are on record to not only have exposed his direct interference with our internal political issues because of wickedness and hypocritical nature, and went on and further warned the Senegalese population and the world of his Secret dealings based on his intentions of rigging the parliamentary election, but that wasn’t enough to stop this classical hypocrite in the person of Macky Sall, from doing just that. 

Likewise, his puppets in Banjul, Macky Sall’s government have lost all legitimacy to continue to rule the Senegalese; after being busted for desperately attempting to subvert the will of the Senegalese.

As soon as he betrayed, flew to France and lied to the international community about “President Jammeh” just to remove him from our motherland and help to Install his puppets in Banjul, Macky Sall wasted no time in preparing to rig the parliamentary elections in Senegal. And we were consistent in exposing him and his ‘authoritative regime’ way ahead of time.

Prior to the parliamentary campaign, his intentions became clearer when he dispatched a secret delegation to come to the Gambia and print out tonnes of Fake voters cards. Many were left in darkness as to what he was really up to until tragedy struck, resulting in the untimely demise of almost all those assigned to do so.

 It could be recalled that they allegedly crossed our borders into the Gambia with a complete package of both the printing machine and the Voters cards – They were secretly hosted by Adama Barrow in an undisclosed location to carry out the scam for his boss.

 But on their way back to Senegal, the vehicle they were riding on collided with another truck, resulting in the sudden death of almost 8 or 9 members of his team and the rest were rushed to the hospital. That was the Only reason why the general public became aware of his secret dealings with his puppet, in the person of Adama Barrow.

 When the accident occurred, those who first arrived on the scene were shocked to see the newly printed voters’ cards scattered all over the place, including the printing machine itself. It was later confirmed that they were running the secret errands of Macky Sall so he can rig the parliamentary elections.

Despite the warning signs, Macky Sall pressed ahead in further plotting against his people by attempting to start an unprovoked war in Cassamance so they will not vote but that didn’t materialize either.

He then decided to resume the duplication of voters cards but that was also exposed beyond redemption as well. He did everything under the sun just to manipulate the Senegalese and their entire electoral system but thankfully, patriotic citizens of Senegal were equally determined to expose all his fraudulent activities with his surrogates has it can be seen all over the world wide web.

Among the catalogs of facts pointing out to the rapid erosion of the fundamental rights to freedom of speech in Senegal today, Macky Sall is reported to be furious with a renowned singer/Musician known as ‘Amy Collé Dieng‘ following her public outcry, which went viral on the Internet.  

Despite, she stated the very obvious that Macky Sall blatantly rigged the parliamentary election in his favor, which is unconstitutional, and that Senegalese must never-ever compromise their Constitutional rights to freedom of speech nor give in to his repressive regime, she was threatened with arrest and imprisonment ever since and she is currently being held in custody by the dictatorial regime of ‘Macky Sall’ in Dakar. 

As rightly equated to a female version of Madiba of South Africa, Amy Collé Dieng is a true freedom fighter and the world must not idly stand by and watch these brutal dictators, be masquerading as a gentleman to continue abusing this lady for simply daring to speak up and condemn his nefarious activities, resulting to the bitterly disputed parliamentary election marred by countless irregularities.

Though he often prides himself as a democratic leader, the reports we are now receiving from our sources following the election further authenticates our position that he is a HYPOCRITE AND THE WORST SNAKE AND DICTATOR EVER. He has lost all legitimacy to rule the SENEGALESE masses and he Needs to go peacefully or risked being disgraced and forced to do so in inevitable battle to salvage Senegal by Senegalese on the streets. 

We at ‘Unifying Newspaper are hereby publicly adding our voice in solidarity with ‘Amy Collé Dieng’ and all the oppressed mothers of (Creation) our Senegambian Nation; by these Hypocrite and silent brute called ‘Macky Sall’ of Senegal. We urge him and his failed regime to unconditionally release ‘Amy Collé Dieng’ and all political prisoners forthwith, and refrain from committing further human rights violation of the Senegalese masses. 
Macky Sall should simply do himself a favor and step down for he has brought nothing to Senegal and Senegambia by extension, nothing but shame and misery.He (Macky Sall) can’t just be trusted as a genuine partner by any rationally thinking being at all. He is a toxic and a very deadly serpent.
Authored By:Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK.

Chief-Editor Of “Unifying Newspaper”

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia”.- ‘O.R.G’.

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