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BREAKING NEWS: Finally Vindicated As ‘Lawyer Ousainou Darboe’ Got Busted On His Tracks & Exposed Beyond Redemption Again!!!


For years now, I have been openly reminding “Lawyer Ousainou Darboe” of his own (It Was Deemed A Secret because I personally couldn’t provide any photographic evidence) dealings with the then Military regime, headed by none other than Africa’s greatest revolutionary and visionary leader, President Jammeh-Babili-Mansa.

But many were under the illusion that my firm stance against his cynical plot to manipulate our constitution by demanding what he then uses to call “Electoral Reforms”; was entirely based on my grievances but only if they knew’ – Solo Sandang wouldn’t have been sacrificed for nothing.

Of course, considering all his actions prior and afterwards, I cannot deny the fact that he is evidently the biggest suspect surrounding the sudden demise of my late father and founding father of the ‘United Democratic Party’.
But I was equally conscious of his deceptive nature in pursuing his political desires of leading us as a Nation, by all means, necessary. A fact that many were oblivious to the truth known to me at the time.

Since the demise of my father, I’d took a step back and watched him and his surrogates from a distance. I studied them to the extent that, I eventually decided to take it upon myself to reveal the truth to all my fellow citizens; enlightening the masses so as to safeguard our future and that of generations yet born from their devil philosophy of tribalism and nepotism.

Despite the fact that I was aware of the monumental task ahead and the unforeseeable risks involved in doing so, I just couldn’t be tamed nor be stopped from speaking the truth because I am of the firm conviction that ‘the truth is the truth and is not an offense but only to those who are ungodly’ – And today, glad I am to have done so because the truth is now revealing as I was predicting from the onset.  I’m on record to have repeatedly challenged Lawyer Darboe’s own interpretation of our constitution and went as far as revealing to you all that, he was among those tasked with the responsibility of rewriting the constitution of the second republic because he was among the team of lawyers tasked with that responsibility.

Therefore, his argument with regards to the ‘Age Limit’ clause in our constitution was a clear manifestation of his inner-most desires of running for the fifth time as a presidential candidate, come what may.
He chose to push his luck and ended up in trouble as predicted but if he was truly sincere to his supporters, Lawyer Darboe should have resigned a while ago and allowed a fresh breath of air to lead the UDP party.

Though he knowingly misled his blind loyalist and some to their graves, Lawyer Darboe knew at the time of all the much talked about ‘ELECTORAL-FORMS-HYPE’ that, he was legally disqualified by the very constitution he helped draft in the first place.

He was aware of the fact that, he is over-age based on the constitution we all voted for in an open referendum in 1997,  approved and adopted as the supreme laws of our beloved motherland.

I openly challenged and warned him that his actions are a calculated move to plunge our democracy into disarray and his actions do have the potential of rendering our beloved motherland ungovernable, as they use to vow. The UDP militia-wing in the diaspora was issuing all kinds of threats daily on our airwaves and calling for “by all means necessary” just for them to gain control of our national affairs.

Now that they fraudulently rigged the elections and declared their clueless selves as winners, what can they show it for? Apart from enriching themselves by syphoning all the international funds, they already received to their private bank accounts in Senegal, what have they or are they doing to better the living conditions of our masses?

I was literally in tears as I listen to Gambians weeping in absolute pain and misery today. They can’t even sustain nor maintain all that which they inherited from President Jammeh such as the basic necessities of life for the Gambia populace and yet, they expect nothing from us but songs of praises?

To conclude, I just want to thank the individual who released this priceless picture that further substantiated my long-standing argument that, if he is not the architect, Lawyer Darboe evidently played a crucial role in drafting the very constitution he was castigating and now manipulated to suit his own political agenda.


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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