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BREAKING NEWS: Gambia – Violent Protest Erupts As The Youths Of Farato Took To The Streets!!


Violent Protest erupted in “Farato Village” as the youths openly demand for the return of our Great Revolutionary Leader back to the State House and restore sanity in our motherland.

According to our impeccable sources on the streets at this hour, the Vindictive, Criminal and Illegitimate Interior Minister (Mai Fatty) ordered for the demolishing of a house or houses in Farato Village.

But upon arriving there with their Bulldozer and started executing his Illegal Orders under the Protection of our ParaMilitary, the youths Rebelled against their insanity and chased them out of their Village.

The BRAVE youth’s ensured that, they will NOT standby and Allow this USELESS and CRIMINAL government to destroy what they NEVER built In the first place. Nor should we as a Nation fold our hands and watch them wreck our society. They have failed even their supporters and Gambians are now united with one purpose of removing them from the helm of our Nation’s affairs.

As we speak, the youths are very anger and rumors are flying around of a Potential Mass Demonstration in the making as many youths across the Country are linking up and coordinate their next plan of action to take against these Robbers and Thieves, calling themselves a government.

The government officials are doing everything possible to hide the truth from the world but thanks to technology, we are able to have direct access to those on the streets, took authentic pictures, Videos and Interviewed​ the youths.They relayed to us as to what actually triggered the violence and when questioned as to what is their ultimate agenda and demands ? They lamented on the fact that, Adama Barrow and his cabinet are only good at looting our little resources and sleeping like hell at any given opportunity, so they want President Jammeh to come back home and move the country forward.

They Unanimously denounced the Useless, Corrupt , Tribal and Failed government in Banjul And openly expressed their Heartfelt disappointments with the supposed #GambiaHasDecided Government.

Likewise  the 90% of the Gambian Population today, the YOUTHS rightly taking matters into their own hands as the backbone of our motherland to DEMONSTRATE and DEMAND for  the very obvious – THE RETURN OF OUR GREAT ARCHITECT AND BUILDER OF OUR BELOVED NATION- BABILI-MANSA!

The Gambians as a Nation are already ‘FED-UP’ with these CLUELESS bunch of CRIMINALS, masquerading themselves as Democrats. Whether it was an order from Mai Fatty or Even the Court, the youths are saying Yes to Construction and No to Demolition.. They want builders and  I not damagers so they demanded for the  rest of President Jammeh-Period!!

They are now  evidently engaged in broad-daylight robbery and systematic EXTORTION of the GAMBIANS just to enrich themselves, all in the name of a New Gambia but they time is running out for them because Gambians are equally determined to put a stop to their madness by all means necessary. They never laid a foundation but want to demolish our society.

The Youths are ready across the country to demonstrate in solidarity with those who started it in Farato so let’s give them all the support they need to salvage our country from this Miserably Failed regime.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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