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BREAKING NEWS: Genocide Is Looming In The Gambia As Soldiers From ‘Yundum Barracks’ Prepares To Be Also Deployed To Kanilia At This Hour!!!


Since yesterday, the people of Foni Kansala (Kanilia) didn’t blink an eye, let alone to fall asleep because of the cynical plot hatched by the Failed UDP-LED-Criminal-Government in Banjul to forcefully enter the residence of our former President just to STEAL and fabricate tones of lies against him and his Jollas clan, as heard and seen of late.

The villagers of Kanilia insisted that, their narrative doesn’t add up because if they want to go to Cassamance, there are many other roads that can lead them to Younorr without necessarily entering the (WONYEE) residence of President Jammeh.

Despite having no genuine reason of entering Kanilia, the villagers are still put under SIEGE by the joint forces sent to PROVOKE the Jollas of Foni-Kansala and as we speak, our News-Desk is being inundated with messages from terrified Gambians and non-Gambians alike as the tension in the Foni’s escalates.

This Is One Of The Tones Of Messages We At “Unifying Newspaper” Received An Hour Ago Now –  Coming From One Of Our Very Reliable Sources  – VERBATIM:

Good morning my brother, anyway the enemies of the nation are still not letting it go. But are still busy trying to cause problems on the people of Foni.

This morning as we arrived at work at Yundum Barracks, soldiers where asked to prepare for a mission and destination is to Kanilai to go and reinforce the other two platoons who where denied entrance yesterday at the former HE’s home.

Even though yesterday they were later allow to pass through to Alla Kunda where they claimed to be heading to yesterday, the authority is still sending extra troops to go to Kanilai.

Am sending you pictures of the buses waiting to carry the soldiers to Kanilai today. Also i will send you pictures of the soldiers on parade preparing to receive materials before boarding the buses. End Quote.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It is now crystal clear for the whole wide world to see to it that, this government have failed miserably and are incompetent to govern us a people of one Nation.
Instead of leaving us alone after stealing a lot of money from our tax-payers, they are now determined to press every button just to get us to react so they can justify their Secret Plot of annihilating the Jollas in Foni and Cassamance or run away with their stolen wealth.
Nevertheless, our people are still observing the peace and patiently standing their ground amidst the seemingly never-ending harassment of our Party supporters but more so the Jollas…
To conclude, I will urge the government authorities to withdraw their forces from foni (Kanilia) and nurture our most cherished peace in our motherland. Please stop provoking and agitating the people of Kansala folks because war, death and destruction have no meaning nor does it have a winner.
I suspect that they are desperately doing everything in their book to stop the people of Foni from casting their votes for their preference. Because they only came to the realization that, they’ve lost the support of not only the Jollas in the country but almost all tribes are disgusted with their Flirty “TRIBAL-POLITICS” they brought into our motherland today and the (Mandingkanised) Tribal-Government they want to impose on us all as citizens. 
Make no mistake of starting a fire none can extinguish. After all is said and done, Gambia and her citizens stand to lose immensely, if all hell breaks loose. Take the path to peace and not war.


Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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