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BREAKING NEWS: Habibou Barrow – The Alleged Sacrificed Son Of ‘Adama Barrow’ Was Actually Wrapped & Buried In A Black Shroud?


We at “Unifying Newspaper” are on record to have been the first medium to relayed our finding to the general public, regarding the mysterious death of ‘Habibou Barrow’ and even put up his picture on our website; so as to remember him each day, in pursued of justice for his innocent soul..

Like many spec-tics,  we were determined to get to the very bottom of the truth ever since the news broke of a mysterious dog killing the Son of the then so-called President-elect Barrow; because there where many unanswered questions yet to be answered and the narratives they were offering us didn’t add up in the first place. So it was very easy for one to connect the dots by employing critical-thinking methods to reason well.

It could be recalled that, Adama Barrow’s Son died under mysteriously circumstances while in Senegal with his entire family, except Habibou Barrow; and until today, no word came from his father (The Wannabe Gambian President) nor from his mother too – And their complete silence on this serious matter only increases our suspicion that, they MUST be culpable to the alleged crime, involving their own flesh and blood.
After two good weeks of thorough investigations by our agents on the ground, we unearthed very disturbing stories of an alleged ritualistic sacrifice, involving the Accidental-President and his boss (Macky Sall) during his stay in Senegal.


We first broke the news by initially giving them (Adama Barrow & His Wife) the benefit of the doubt to come out clean and tell us as to why they all fled to Senegal and left the innocent little boy alone behind? We further challenged them to tell us the exact circumstances surrounding the sudden death of our handsome prince “Habibou Barrow”?

But to our utter dismay, everything to do with his untimely demise was downplayed until today and no one ever mentioned his name nor did the father or mother ever visited his grave to pay their respect since they returned from (Senegal) their Masters.
Needless-to-say, I was expecting Barrow to distance himself from it all because based on my findings, (which I already talked about on the very first day of addressing this sensitive issue) we were reliably informed that, one Marabou from Burkina-faso instructed ‘Adama Barrow’ to sacrifice his own son, if he want president Jammeh to leave office for him.

This happened during our political impasse. It was the time he fled under the pretext of attending an ECOWAS meeting in Mali, went to Liberia and then based in Senegal. It was during his stay in Senegal with Macky Sall that he was introduced to this ‘Evil-Cult Leader/Voodoo Man’ by his Boss and the man did his things and came with the results and instructions as to what he can do to become the president of the Gambia. 

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According to our impeccable source close to him and his inner most circle of friends, Adama Barrow shocked everyone when he stooped to the lowest of all lows by complying to kill his own son just to be called a president in this world, said our agent.

When he agreed to meet the demands of this demons, he was advised to move his entire family away from the scene so that when the demons come for Habibou, no one will be there to witness, protect or let alone to prevent it from taking place because it will be BRUTAL and so his death turned out to be folks.
I certainly will not publish the gruesome pictures of his lifeless body but I can only say “If a father dares to do such an evil thing to their own flesh and blood, then such a father deserves more and nothing less than the very same for child cruelty and cold blooded murder …Unbelievably vile to the very core”. 

Although the strategist did their very best to pull the wool over our eyes almost for two weeks; but when we came up with our findings and asked the right but yet, tough questions regarding the whereabouts of the alleged dog that supposedly killed Habibou Barrow?  

Upon reading my first article and listening to my live show about the mysterious circumstances surrounding his (Habibou Barrow) demise, they quickly sprang into action and issued a press release, insinuating that, they finally killed the dog that killed our handsome innocent boy in question.
But when we further ask the question as to why now and not two weeks ago or the very day the dog killed him? They couldn’t come up with anymore lies because they realized that, the more they want to talk about his death, is the more the people will connect the dots – So ignoring us and pretending as if nothing happens is their best weapon so far but for how long?

How will you interpret their complete silence on this matter folks?

In fact, more revelations are coming out of late folks – I was listening to audio in which, someone was explicitly asserting that, Habibou Barrow was indeed scarified and his corpse were wrapped in a ‘BLACK-SHROUD’ for burial – Doesn’t it all make sense to you folks? Ask yourself this simple question , Why the black and not the traditional white Shroud?Now, before running around exhuming bodies of those who either committed a crime against the state or that of people accused of doing something wrong etc – How about that of an innocent little boy and a Son of the Wannabe President of the very government doing such an ungodly act of shame and disgrace?

In truth, if Adama Barrow’s failed government is now hellbent on exhuming skeletons of the deceased, shouldn’t they have started with that of (Habibou Barrow) his own son? Their experts and forensics scientists should be taken to his grave so that his remains can also be exhumed under the direct instructions of his father hence he is yet to find out how he died, let alone where he was buried.
Although the title (President) is ‘fraudulently-bestowed on him by greedy and selfish souls – But after all is said and done, is ‘Adama Barrow’ sitting at our ‘State-House’ as the Legitimate President Of The Gambia or is he still gallivanting about like a ‘Ghost-President’ without no State-House nor a thrown & followings to show for it? To be called Your Excellency – Mr President – Is it really Worth scarifying your own Son? Food For Thought Folks!

Judgement Day Will Soon Come And All That Which We Did Behind Close Doors Will Eventually Be Brought Before The Presence Of Our Creator So Fall For Not The Ways Of The Devil..

Adama Bulleh Barry AKA Barrow Is Definitely Doomed – Repent Before The Gates Are Closed.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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