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GAMBIA BREAKING NEWS: Halipha Sallah & His Party Members Parted With The UDP-LED Coalition Government Based On Principles


It can be recalled that, since they came together as party leaders and fomented an allegiance of seven party (united-front) Coalition for 2016- presidential election, Halipha Sallah was the main guy to look out for in within the coalition and without a doubt, he’d perfectly executed his duties (in his capacity as the Spokesperson of these hungry packs of wolves) to the very best of his ability.

However, after doing all the hard-work of communicating and delivering their message to the Gambian populace and the rest of the world – arguing for, justifying and defending his colleagues actions, all alone – Halipha Sallah became the first causality of these Greedy and Tribal Fanatics in within the so called UDP-CONCRETE-INNER CIRCLE  and they all going on as though, nothing happened at all.

They (The UDP-LEd Coalition Members) seems to have moved on and are desperately doing everything possible to downplay his significance and bury all the hard-work he’d put in during the darkest of hours.  But is not at all surprising to one like myself for I knew it and did advised them all ahead of time.

As a matter of fact, I’m again on record to have openly warned Halipha Sallah & rest of the Party Leaders of the Dangers of falling for the sweet-talks and bullying tactics of the UDP surrogates because they will all be USED & ABUSED in the end. What is happening now folks? Are they not fighting each other before reaching the gates of Albert Market? Food For Though!!

Nevertheless – Here Are The Questions On The Lips Of Many Gambians & Spectators Of Our Gambian Politics Alike:

  1. Where Is Halipha Sallah?
  2. Why Is He Not Appointed?
  3. Why Did He Categorically Refused To Go Any Further With The Very Administration He Helped Instill In Our Motherland Today?
  4. What Exactly Is His Stance Regarding The Blatant Violation Of The Very Constitution That They Relied On To Become The Decision Makers Of Our Affairs As A Nation?
  5. Was It Because Of The Secret ‘MOU’ Allegedly signed By ‘Mai Fatty’ & His Puppet Master ‘The Interior Minister Of Senegal’ To Use Our Gambian-Soil And Lunch An All Out War With The So Called “Rebels” In Cassamance?
  6. What Exactly Is Or Will Be His Justification For Leaving And Refraining From Talking To The Gambians At This Hour?

Although We at Unifying Newspaper cannot answer the aforementioned questions nor speak for ‘Halipha Sallah’ and the PDOIS party but what is evident and safe for us to report is that, Halipha Sallah is the very least happy with the unfolding events of late and as a result, he consciously took the inevitable decision of parting company with the ;UDP-Led Coalition government based on Principles.

Speaking to one of my good friends who also double’s as an agent for us; in within the UDP ranks- I raised the topic of Halipha Sallah, arguing that, he is being ‘Used, Sidelined & Elbowed Out .
But as soon as I mentioned his name to our source, he went on to remind me of what I once said in one of my live shows, regarding the Bad-Blood between the UDP & PDOIS leadership, emanating from their political fallout, almost a decade ago. He gave me a compliment for being spot on at all times and went on to say this:

“After we agreed on Principles and Signed all their agreements as a Coalition (while Darboe was serving time) – You know that we went into the election as a United-Front and later secured the release of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe but since  we got him released from Prison, all our plans and agreements went through the windows”.
To conclude, he confidently asserted that, The UDP successfully manipulated the entire situation as I once openly predicted and Darboe is now the one running the Government and NOT Barrow as we speak.

He calls the shots in Kairaba Beach Hotel so do you seriously expect Halipha Sallah and all the rest of the party leaders to have any influence in a UDP-Led Government, he asked? Hmmmm – Thanks for giving us an insight of happenings in Banjul. Highly appreciated.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Arguably, the UDP was the biggest opposition party when they came together and fomented a Coalition against the then, APRC ruling Party but that doesn’t and should ‘NEVER’ translate into a total ‘DOMINATION’ of a supposed ‘Coalition Government’.
Hence Halipha Sallah did promise us all as a Nation; that, he will talk to us and answer questions but as the rumors have it, he is being asked and begged by some of his colleagues in within the  Coalition to NOT say nothing; until they’re firmly established as a functioning Government- Why? 

What is going on folks? Their request is still keeping him ‘Muted’. But never-mind for time will eventually tell the fully story, so let’s play the game along with them for now, until we’re finally relieved off our Suspense.

We at ‘Unifying Newspaper and Radio Network’ will bite our tongues and patiently wait to hear from the horses own mouth in this case. Nonetheless, it is really strange to even think that the Coalition will go on their knees begging  ‘Halipha Sallah’ to say nothing; now until later.  But hey, nothing will ever faze us for we’ve seen through them well before today so brace up for the inevitable Gambia. They’ve failed miserably before taking off. 

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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