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BREAKING NEWS: Happening Right Now! ~ Gambian Soil Being Used By Senegalese Soldiers To Attack And Kill Jollas In Casamance…


Just as we have exclusively reported about the real motives of this coalition government and their Senegalese soldiers presently in The Gambia masking as ECOWAS, we can authoritatively report to the International and rest of the entire world that, as I am piecing this story together, Senegalese Soldiers are on their way going to commit GENOCIDE in CASSAMANCE REGION VIA FONI-THE GAMBIA….

It was an open secretly to all rationally thinking beings of our motherland that, All that Senegal (Macky Sall’ Administration In Dakar) ever wanted was to have an easy access – coming from the Northern part of Senegal, to wage war against the LIBERATION MOVEMENT OF THE SOUTHERN REGION OF CASSAMANCE.

In order to achieve their evil plans they had for decades, Macky Sall employed different kinds of tricks of BRAINWSHING our USELESS LEADERS OF TODAY and interfered directly in our National Affairs by pretending to be our good and caring Neighbor. When in actual truth, he is of the most “DEADLIEST-SNAKE” in our AFRICAN CONTINENT today.

Of late, almost all avenues and methods of PROVOKING US ( THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THE LAND) as a CLAN – So they can justify their WICKED intentions were all exhausted without success. Our Illegitimate Minister Of Interior was busy all this days, figuring out how he can provoke us by Illegally ABDUCTION JUVENILES of our people of FONI so that the masses will rebel and then, they can use that as a cover to lunch as all out war with us in FONI & CASSAMANCE as reported in my most recent articles.

But as humble as we are, MAI FATTY & His Masters in Senegal couldn’t pull it off by violating their rights of our children as anticipated so that is why they are now doing it anyway. We at “Unifying Newspaper” wrote extensively and said it out LOUD.

Nonetheless, It is here playing back like a movie shot two weeks ago. The SENEGALESE(Northerners) are Illegally using our soil and endangering our livelihoods by embarking on an UNPROVOKED war with the Southerners in CASSAMANCE.

HALIPHA SALLAH, HAMAT BAH, OUSAINOU DARBOE, OMAR OJ JALLOW, HENDRY GOMEZ, SIDIA JATTA – Why are you all sitting by and watching this (Adama Barrow, Mai Fatty & Macky Salls) characters to wreck our society as we know it?

Is this the Change you were all banging on about? Is this what you all have in store for our future generations of our Sene-Gambian Nation? GAMBIANS WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU guys for allowing this to happen in our motherland under your very watchful eyes as our Elders and Leaders today. How Much Money Are You All Paid For This Dangerous & Illegal Activity In Our Soil?  Shame On You Guys!

As this is a developing and very sensitive story, we will update you with more details and analysis as it happens by the minute and hours ahead. The Senegalese soldiers are currently in the FONIS at our Boarders, heading from the Gambia to Cassamance.  This is happening right now! Time: 23:30, 21/2/17. Villagers at our boarders are all evacuating to safer areas as we speak. Women and Children are terrified of what is about to happen in our Sene-Gambian Nation and rightly so hence when the hot coppers starts to fly, it knows no boundaries…  

The sequence of events that we saw at Banjulinding and Kanfenda are all part of the plan. The conscription of the Gambian owned business is part of an agenda to make Gambians angry and fed up, so they will cause public disorder and then, they can use that as a pretext to start what they are now doing without any Justification.


All they (the Coalition and Macky Sall) are looking for is a problem so that they can justify the needless and useless presence of the Senegalese Soldiers in The Gambia.The Timber trade was recently been banned. This will affect the chain of supply and thus inflate prices in Gambia and also cause economics hardship in the Cassamance Region. 

We have also heard in the news that the Senegalese government have slash the price for energy. This is to appease their population and distract them from what they are about to do. The conscription of wood trade In the Gambia by Senegalese will affect industry so badly especially housing. The cost of timber and wood stock will be sky-rocking, resulting to a long term economic damage.

They (Macky Sall & Coalition) wanted to steer anger in The Foni Region of The Gambia which is predominantly inhabited by The Jolla Tribe and ‘Foni’ shares border with the  Southern Senegal-Gambia but they Miserably Failed.

So the Idea of this Vultures and blood thirsty vampires was that, provoke the Jollas of FONI by Illegally ABDUCTING their children and throw them in Mile2 Prison – So that, if their parents and family members react as expected, they can go and kill them and pretend to be seeking help from the Senegalese Government but that did not materialized neither. Their army would’ve be also given the mandate to stay and invade The Gambia indefinitely. They will then use the Gambia to attack the LIBERATION MOVEMENT in the South of the border.

But now that they desperately ran out of tricks and plans, they decided to go and wage war anyways so they are en-route to Cassamance folks. For only one purpose and one purpose only and that is,  TO KILL THE JOLLAS like they have been doing for more than three decades  and counting.


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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