BREAKING NEWS: Hospital Staffs Held A Protest Today In Banjul


    As the dust settles down in Banjul; following the nerve-wrecking political impasse we’ve experienced as a people, many Gambians are now beginning to face the reality that confronts us all under this newly imposed government of the day.

    Barely weeks into the reign of this corrupted and Failed Administration; headed by one of the world most delusional, if not the dumbest of all leaders of our times – Hospital staffs at the referral center of the “Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital”; took the lead in Protesting to protect their payment packages, under the UDP Led – Coalition in Banjul.
    We at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ contacted some of those who took part in the protest via our very reliable sources (Names Withheld), to solicit for more information as to why they are out protesting and what exactly are they demanding from the Government of today?
    Speaking to the Proprietor & Chief-Editor of this medium, one protester passionately argued and asserted the fact that, “Hospital staffs are being left in limbo as the new administration as currently hell-bent on raking in as much money as possible from their donors and do not care about the plight of the civil servants, talk-less of the under privilege masses of our society”.

    Another protester revealed to Unifying Newspaper that, “Hospital Staffs didn’t receive their night allowance and is something they are asking the government to payoff because it is part of their monthly pay-package. She went to state that, ‘if the government cannot maintain the standards set by the former regime, they shouldn’t destroy it’. 

    When questioned as to whether they only protesting because of their allowances alone or are there other reasons for protesting? They went on to lay down their legitimate DEMANDS for the Government and they are as follows:
    1. Better Working Conditions
    2. Wages
    3. Payment Of Night Allowances For All Staff & That Includes Cleaners

    EDITOR’s NOTE: ‘A Healthy People Is A Wealthy Nation’ – Therefore, The Demands Of Our Health Care Workers Must Be At The Very Top Of All Priorities Of The New Government If They Want To Stand A Chance With Us As A Nation.

    I am convinced that soon enough, every department will also rise up and protect the interest of our civil servants. These bunch of greedy ‘old-timers’ are up to no good. They’ve lost direction nor do they have the know how; to run the affairs of our motherland. The longer they stay, the worst we will have to endure but the quicker we show them the ‘EXIT DOOR TO RETIREMENT’, the better for our current and future generations.

    NB:- In light of the current situation affecting our health workers, I will urge the ‘Minister of health’ to act immediately and fulfill all the demands of one of our most noble servants of our people-Health Workers.

    They should never-ever be put under any form of stress so before wasting millions at Kairaba Beach Hotel and on your so called inauguration, why not take that monies and resolve the situation by not only paying them their night-allowances but also increase their wages?  

    These daddy’s should know that, we (Gambians) will not be returned back to the stone-ages, in this 21st century. Gone are the days of darkness -Thanks to our Babili-Mansa-Kendoo Jammano.  And if the coalition government dare play with our health workers by ignoring their legitimate demands, then best for them to start packing their luggage’s.
    Notwithstanding that; the journey was tough but Under the APRC government, we all know what health care meant to our Able ‘commander-In-Chief’ and how far we all came as a nation. Don’t we?

    Therefore, if the coalition are to neglect all the efforts and handwork we’ve put in to inspire, motivate and educate our own to take up such a noble profession, then they will be digging their own graves because Gambians will no longer be settling for nothing; but the very best of services and nothing less.


    Authored By:

    Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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