As the power struggle continues in within members of the ‘seven- party-coalition’,  one of our very reliable source revealed to us that, Adama Wheelbarrow and his team, including himself are faced with the toughest challenge yet – Usually, it should’ve been the easiest challenge and is to form a Government – But is proving to be a heck of a struggle.

Nevertheless, no matter how long they will take, all that they are planning behind close doors with sooner or later come to light. What is evident though is, the coalition are currently fighting for power and are mixing both apples and oranges together. ‘Picking Square Pegs In Round Holes’ as I’m putting pen to paper.

As it stance, every Party is fighting their corner – They are all fighting to have a ‘CHUNK OR AT LEAST A PIECE OF THE PIE’ but the ultimate WINNER for now is (FATOUMATA JALLOW), the unconstitutional Vice-President.  All her work of ‘bringing them together and pulling off the scam during their ‘convention’ ‘in favor of Barrow as their Flag-Bearer’was not all for free. She is being rewarded and compensated abundantly so well done Barrow but unfortunately, her appointment will be deemed illegal until such time that, ‘we all agree again as a Nation, to change our Constitution’. Get that fact.

Gambians – Do brace up for more surprises because as time goes on, you will all begin to see the true colors of these pack of hungry wolves. Already, they are failing in every step of the way and if the information’s we are receiving on our ‘News-Desk’ is to go by, then we are in for the worst.

Can you all imagine who they are proposing to be our new Finance Minister? Now, let me just take this opportunity to remind Wheelbarrow and anyone on the list of his appointees’ that, if at all they still have a pending ‘criminal charges or convictions’ yet to cleared by the Supreme Courts, then let them please go and do so; before assuming any official responsibility. That is my advice for now; until further notice.
And I guess ‘a word is enough for the wise’.

For years, we’ve been told that our constitution is not being upheld and yet, the very same people who have been critical of the former regime are now ‘hell-bent’ on ‘blind-folding’ our masses and ‘blatantly-trampling’ on the very laws they claim to be fighting to restore and that of the very principles they all claiming to be representing. I mean in truth – How democratic are they, if they’re not practicing all that they’ve been preaching us for the past years Gambians? Hmmm- Interesting times ahead.

We are patiently waiting to hear the official announcement of his new cabinet members from the office of ‘Adama Push-Push Barrow’. My Son is messed up folks. He is being easily led to a dead-end by these greedy and vindictive souls.

Time will soon be revealing. More Revelations To Come Your Way Soon, by the grace of the Almighty.

Stay Tune.

To The Gambia Ever True.

Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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