BREAKING NEWS: ISHA NJIE EXPOSED BEYOND REDEMPTION – The Absolute Truth Behind The Trumped-Up And Baseless Legal Charges Against Rambo Jatta & Family..

Although it is perfectly understood that the people of Bakau, The Gambia Police, including some high ranked government officials (Mai Fatty & Halipha Sall)  all did intervened in seeking for a peaceful resolution to this sensitive family matter, but all their concerted efforts to resolve the situation proved to be in vain as the matter is now before our Court Of Law.
The fact that all those involved in this regrettable scandal are from the very same home, makes it even more worrying for GAMBIANS as a Nation because this is simply beyond politics and the vindictive souls behind it all are being widely Condemned across the country and rightly so.
 Therefore, their family issue to be published by our leading National Newspaper (Daily Observer Company) is indeed humiliating and rather shameful on the part of its management to say the very, very least.(I will come back to the Daily Observer, by the grace of the Almighty)
Nonetheless, hence they published the story on their (Yesterday’s ) publication – We at ” Unifying Newspaper ” now deemed it necessary to break things down; so that, every Gambian will know the “ABSOLUTE TRUTH” behind this particular case in question, involving Ousman Alias Rambo Jatta and family!
DESPITE our common knowledge (Isha Njie -.The Wife Of The Newly Elected MP of Bakau) of who is behind it all, let me just take you back, down memory lane just to jog up your memories so you all can put everything Into prospective.
‘The fact that, Rambo’s father is Directly related to her mother’s side of the family doesn’t give her the right to claim ownership of Jatta- Kunda, as she often goes on “BRAGGING IN TOWN THAT NOW THE ENTIRE BAKAU IS IN THE PALM OF HER HANDS”-( just because her husband is the new Member of Parliament for Bakau)!!!  

By the way, considering the fact that she is also  married to a husband who is living elsewhere in Bakau, Why should she be going to Jatta-Kunda on a daily basis just to PROVOKE & VERBALLY ABUSE RAMBO’s Little Sister and the rest of the family, and then turn around and accuse him of trespassing?? 

Is Rambo a passer-by or a stranger in 
Jatta Kunda today? And who is she accusing and lying that  he was trespassing? Trespassing in his own home???? What the hell must be wrong with this lady folks?
Remember, She took to the airwaves spewing her packages of lies together with her partner in crime Fatou Camera (against Gambians), but I guess she forgot that the world was and still listening to all the calculated lies she was Fabricating against Rambo and his blessed family!
She must have forgotten that her own brother; who went through the back-way to Italy ( Cherno Ndure) made numerous audios; and called him directly only to rain insults on Rambo?

I be she forgot all their desperate stunts of mobilising people with Fatou Camara; just to insult Rambo and his mother during the election campaign?  Nor wonder why she ran to her, with intend to seek help so that together, they can seek ways of manipulating the situation by bending facts and distorting the truth in this case as well? 
That interview alone is enough for her to be seriously cautioned by any court of law, of any nation and throw her case out because it was so obvious that she is one of the most compulsive liars there is, a coupon copy of Fatou Camara, her interviewer.

Why did she physically attacked a member of Rambo’s family and all Others jumped to help her, after she was overpowered by her VICTIM?
Was Rambo there at the time she arrived and started instigating violence, directed at his family members? How can she justify her relentless assault of Rambo’s Family on a daily basis, since before the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION?
So in truth, anyone person accusing Rambo of  “TRESPASSING” must be either MISINFORMED or simply INSANE because it is true that Rambo now moved to his own home but that doesn’t mean that he have no more right to enter his home, Jatta Kunda. Let’s get that straight folks.

In addition, Isha Njie’s mother lives there, but not Isha Njie herself. She live at her husband’s home but frequently visit just to keep harassing and abusing  Rambo’s family members at home. 
She knew full well that, for her  to get Rambo’s attention and be at his throat, she must have to continue provoking his family consistently; even whereas, the elections campaign period is now a distance history.
She did everything imaginable just to see to it that they lock up my nephew days ago (Thomas Jatta -.Son Of Rambo) by using our legal system to pursue her dubious agenda against her own family but Credit to our Judges for doing the right thing. 
My nephew was fined D10,000 and the find was paid there and then so her case with my nephew is now done and dusted; but she is not yet ready folks. Her next target is now Rambo and his entire family members.
Before the sitting of courts , we are being reliably informed that, even the courts tried , once again, to mitigate and remedy the case because it is such a sensitive family matter that everyone knows not to get in too deep. 
But She flatly refused to heed to any advice because she is so evil and deluded to the point that, she thinks she owns the Constitution, the Police and the courts of the Gambia : Because Her “husband” is now the New Member Of Parliament, Remember? 
Therefore, in her shallow and narrow-minded thoughts, anyone she want to see in trouble will be and should be in JAIL because she now owns Bakau so Rambo and his family MUST go down. 
NB,: She hatred stems from the fact that, “Rambo built a beautiful Story building and moved there so his success is like fire, burning deep down her filthy soul”. We all know that but why lie to our officers and our court just to victimize Rambo and his family?
She was deeply ashamed for VOWING that, she will ensure Rambo’s Son is Jailed by our legal system. So she mobilised all her HYPOCRITICAL Friends to go and witnessed where she will be putting my Nephew behind bars…
However,  thankfully,  she was seen weeping outside court, saying that, she wanted to the courts to luck (My Nephew) him up.
We at “Unifying Newspaper” are hereby extending our sincere appreciation to all those who did everything possible to remedy the situation and a special thanks to the presiding judge/judges in  this sensitive cases for exercising due diligence in resolving this awkward  matter before your presence, in accordance with the laws of motherland.


Isha Njje – If you think that you can use our legal system to succeed in pursuing your grudge against DECENT CITIZENS, like Rambo Jatta, then you must be living in Laa Laa Land….What an evil woman!

 We are keenly following and further Investigating your case so we’ll be coming up with a comprehensive write up, in exposing her untold stories by the grace of the Almighty!

 ‘But be assured that, Once your court cases are all done and Finally dusted, “Unifying” will globally Crown you and we will make you more famous than you already are today – You know what we talking about here, don’t you? Your dirty laundries  we on about, Isha Njie’. 

 You will be on our ‘SPOTLIGHT SHOW’ for all the wrong reasons but this time, with your ‘skeletons’ from your dirty cupboard, by the grace if The Almighty!

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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