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BREAKING NEWS: Kaddy Bah Sidibeh – The Ungrateful & Most Celebrated Liar Of Bakau!!


Although we’ve now seen and can identify so many ‘Green Snakes’ who masqueraded well under the green grass during President Jammeh’s rule but the outstanding performance of this lady caught our attention and thus deserve to hit our headlines.

When We thought that we’ve seen and heard it all from political prostitutes in our motherland, here comes in (Another Pathological Liar) a lady called *Kaddy Bah Sidibeh* who bravely committed political suicide just to impress her estrange- bedfellows.


For those who don’t know who Kaddy Bah is – She use to pretend to be one of the staunchest supporters of President Jammeh but as soon as She smells the rat, knowing that, the workers of inequity were determined to high jacking the day to days Running’s of our National affairs, she flipped and quickly disowned Our Able Commander and joined the hype of the then so called coalition.

In her desperate stunts to impress her new ‘found-lovers’ in within the failed Coalition government in Banjul, this lunatic (Kaddy Bah Sidibeh) went to NOT only shoot herself in the foot (ridiculing herself) but further exposed her level of INSANITY, UNGRATEFULNESS & COMPULSIVE LYING NATURE beyond all reasonable doubts.
Since she publicly burnt down all her bridges and also bit the hands that use to FEED her and family, we at “Unifying” embarked on a fact finding mission; so as to understand who this lady is and why she uttered such an unwarranted remarks (SHE PUBLICLY DENOUNCED HER FORMER BOSS WHO DID SO, SO MUCH FOR HER AND FAMILY JUST LIKE FATOU CAMARA) during one of their political rallies in Bakau?
Despite all the barrages of criticism (By The People Of Bakau Because Her Dirty Past) showered on our Able Commander-In-Chief for extending his “Benevolence”  to her, together with her own blood sister to perform Pilgrimage in Mecca- This ungrateful soul have now proven  all her critics right.  “Kaddy Bah is indeed the most ungrateful lairs there is in Bakau today and based on our findings, her track records speaks volume to say the very least”.

According to impeccable sources that spoke to this medium during our investigations into this ‘Mean’ character; asserted that, her remarks made during a political rally exposes her insanity and we happen to concur with their observation’s and conclusions; because she must be mentally unstable to have made such utterance just to please others.
Almost everyone we’d spoke to, including some supporters all the ‘UDP’ all expressed the exact the same notion and concluded that, ” She Is The Most Celebrated Lair In Bakua Just Like Fatou Camara Of Kiyang Tankularr” and rightly so. No Doubt About It- Spot On Folks.

This two despicable characters have striking similarities. They more or less have the same attributes in both their thoughts and actions. Both benefited immensely from President Jammed by deceitfully pretending to be a die- heart supporters but as soon as they were put to TEST, they didn’t hesitate to stab him behind his back but will any of this Two-SIDED SWORDS enjoy the fruit of their betrayals? Time is the master still.

Ironically, ‘Kaddy Bah Sidibeh’ of all people is today running around in town, releasing audios in her desperate attempts to gain relevance in the eyes of the Illegitimate and Failed-Government in Banjul. She is shamelessly attacking our beloved brother (RAMBO JATTO JATTA), thinking that, using her Compulsive lying qualifications and expertise’s will somehow, win her favors with the corrupt government officials of the day.
NB: Do Keep trying your very best but please refrain from lying about our NOBLE BROTHER because the very party and it’s leadership that you’re now associating with cannot say nothing to him at all. Rambo was certainly not a backbench-er in the UDP nor was he one, when he finally joined the diverse  Party (APRC) of the Gambian people.

By the way, it was thanks to his kindness and affiliation with President Jammeh;- you (Kaddy Bah Sidibeh) the ungrateful liar got recommended and later given a ticket to perform your pilgrimage, among countless benefits you’ve enjoyed throughout the rule of our great visionary leader- The Architect Of The New Gambia.  If you were a decent Woman of substance, you would’ve simply “SHUT YOUR GOB”.On a final note – I will personally advise you to use your brain before ever opening your mouth again. ‘If your pilgrimage to Mecca is NOT accepted, then you MUST have known why, isn’t it? But if you want to keep blaming and lying about President Jammeh again, be rest assured that, Unifying will be coming up with our second part, in which, you will surely be exposed beyond redemption; so be warned.
We rather give you the benefit of the doubt for now but ‘Kaddy Bah’, if you don’t want to hit our headlines again, then you MUST have to stop uttering your garbage and stop using (Rambo) our brother’s name with intent to gain favors. Stop telling lies and keep your politics clean. The Ball Is Again In Your Court.

A word should be good enough for the guided.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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