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BREAKING NEWS: Lawyer Darboe Allegedly Paid (D40,000) For His Grandson To Take The Back-way To Europe!!!


In what can be best described as a rather embarrassing audio released by one “Njie Manneh”, who identified himself as the grandson of Lawyer Darboe; is causing sleepless nights for those in within the ranks and files of the Failed-Tribal Government in Banjul.

In his latest emotional outburst directed to his granddad, ‘Njie Manneh’ was so furious with ‘Lawyer Darboe’ to the point of vowing that, even if his granddad died, he will NOT attend his funeral nor does he want his grandfather to attend his funeral neither. Understandably though, his reason for warranting such emotional outburst can’t be justified but given his shallow way of reasoning, he simply got carried away by his emotions. That’s just my own take on his latest rants on their whats-app forum. 

However, he’d revealed a very shocking revelation regarding his personal dealings with Lawyer Darboe himself. In confronting his supposed granddad on his audio, ‘Njie Manneh’ categorically made it clear to him that, ‘he will repay him every favors he ever did for him’. He went on recall two instances where he came to his rescue and gave him money to pay for his exams – Which exams? Well I can’t tell but that is one of the favors he recalled to have been extended to him by his granddad.

Furthermore, he (Njie Manneh) shockingly went on to revealed that, our supposed Top-Diplomat, the current ‘Minister Of Foreign Affairs’ (Ousainou Darboe) paid D40,000 for him to embark on such a treacherous journey to Europe via the back-way. I simple couldn’t believe what I heard, coming out from the mouth of Njie Manneh. That Darboe actually paid for him to come to Europe via the deadly route across the Mediterranean? 

It could be recalled that, the same ‘Lawyer Darboe’ penned down his signature, after happily entering into an agreement with the European Union; so as to deport all those they classified as “Irregular Migrants” – Those who entered Europe crossing the Mediterranean and yet, it is now reveled to all that, he directly contributed to the problem as well.  

Evidently, he (Darboe) careless of the repercussions of signing that specific deal with ‘European Union’ because as far as this failed government was concern, it was like a dream come through for these bunch of greedy packs of wolves in sheep clothing. It Was Like “Get Rich Quick Deal” For Them. They didn’t hesitate to read between the lines nor ask or negotiate nothing of interest to our citizenry but they were in it for their personal and selfish gains. 
And that is why Gambians as a Nation, cannot still account for the ‘Millions’ of Euros given to them on our behalf; because they already shared it among-st themselves and siphoned it all to their private banks accounts in Senegal and other Nations here in the Diaspora. But soon it will all catch-up on them, by the grace of the Almighty.

And as we speak, those already deported are left frustrated on our streets and some may simply turn to criminality out of destitution, while they (Old-Timers) enjoy the Millions they sold them out for. What a tragedy Gambians. I do seriously wonder if Darboe will also want his grandson to deported at this hour? I bet NOT. But he’d happily sold-out our own brothers and sisters just to get rich even whereas that money wasn’t for them at all. Judgement Day Soon Come Folks!

To conclude, I will advise ‘Njie Manneh’ to not pay back the D40,000 he gave him to get himself to Germany; because his (Lawyer Darboe) supposed grandfather is the biggest thief there is to catch today in the Gambia, and he will also be hunted down and prosecuted for stealing our monies among many other crimes he is still committing against us as a Nation. In Shaa Allah…
NB: The Money he signed for and received on our behalf (Gambian State) from the “European Union” MUST BE and WILL BE accounted for sooner or later, by the grace of the Almighty.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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