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Breaking News: Macky Sall And His Puppet Master’s Are Hellbent On Rigging The Electoral Process And Declare Him The Winner In The First Round!!!


It is clear to all that Macky Sall is the perfect stooge for France in this elections because the rest of the contesting candidates have different objectives than serving the sole interest of France but that of Senegal.

The most terrifying Scenario for  France is the  possibilities of  losing their grip on Senegal and it’s natural resources.

According to reliable sources, the French  are deeply scared of the Possibilities of Ousman Sonko becoming the next President of Senegal because of his level of wisdom and determination to liberate his people from neo-colonialism.

 In fact, the evidence of electoral fraud is widespread on social media because  many Senegalese are equally determined to expose any dubious act of criminality in this  elections. The rumour’s now spreading based on tangible evidence of FRAUD is that, they are looking to corrupt one of the candidates and use him as a façade to quickly congratulate Macky Sall as soon as he is frequently declared the winner, and another religious elder will also play the role of calling for peace and tranquillity, by insinuating that, hence one of the opposing candidate already conceded, then the rest should follow suit etc.

That is now the last minute strategy drafted by ‘Macky Sall and his puppet masters’ because its obvious that the Senegalese will be overwhelmingly voting for CHANGE of the system of governance today.

The alleged duplication of voters cards is also
evident in both the
Gambia, Senegal and beyond the frontier’s of Africa.
Furthermore, the Ink used can also be easily removed by using a product like vinegar. How cheap is that and why  will Macky Sall his people be using that type of ink , if not a deliberate attempt to execute their plans of rigging the electoral process? 

If voters can easily wipe out the INK on their  fingers as if they never voted, then they can go on to use their duplicated voters card to cast their votes somewhere else , and that’s why they ensure that the preferred ink will not stick to your nails nor skin for long.

A Man experimented it and it was captured on a video currently circulating on social media but the results  was shockingly true. Vinegar alone is good enough for anyone to repeatedly vote, again and again.

In spite, the Senegalese are determined to effect a positive change and nothing they can do to legitimise Macky Sall, if declared the overall winner  in the first round of the election.

Any attempts to justify such cooked up results  will surely jeopardise the peace and stability of Senegal.

Evidently, the  overwhelming majority of the Senegalese in the Diaspora and home are all saying that they will resist any attempts to suppress the will of the Senegalese population, so for the sake of peace and stability, we urge the electoral commission to do justice to the electorates by declaring the right results and not the fictious one allegedly prepared in advance.

Just like what transpired in the most recent Gambian Presidential election, reports of missing names of electorates is also emerging but the voice of each citizen (the people) must be heard and respected in any democracy.  Failure of which, the results cannot be deemed as the genuine WILL of the Senegalese Citizens.

Therefore, the  will of the Senegalese must be respected and Macky Sall will not have any legitimacy to govern by rigging the results of a supposed democratic process.

We pray that peace and stability continues to rain on all of us and that, common sense will guide our actions in this trial times.

Authored By: Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK


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