BREAKING NEWS: Macky Sall & His Puppets In Banjul Are Sitting On A Timing Bomb As The Senegalese Population Occupy The Streets Demanding For Him To Step Down


    We at “Unifying Newspaper” are on record to have warned this ‘hypocritical stooge-of-France’ that, his interference in our internal affairs as a sovereign Nation will only speed up his inevitable downfall from grace but he ignored my warnings and went ahead with his cynical plot of annexing our motherland with intend to drag us into a confrontation with our own brothers and sisters in Cassamance.

    Though is too little too later but Macky Sall (THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE IN AFRICA TODAY) must by now be regretting his work of inequity as the table is tuning on his head by the day and likewise his accomplices (Adama Barrow’s Reckless & Failed Government) in Banjul.

    He politically committed suicide out of ignorance by plotting to set our region on fire – He is very dubious in his dealings but often present himself as the gentleman, when in truth, he is the deadliest serpent in a Africa.


    Macky Sall is without a doubt, another certified criminal and I am indeed very delighted that, our brothers and sisters in Senegal have finally woken-up to this reality.

    I was sensitizing everyone about his (Wicked) true colors since you directly inferred in our electoral process and went as far as conspiring with ECOWAS to justify the killing of our citizenry or succeed in ANNEXING our motherland – Instead of gambling with the innocent lives of our citizens, he is now gambling with that of his own and family because the table flipped on his head in a flash.  

    I repeatedly warned him months ago in both writing and during my live shows; that, he will soon be fighting for his survival in the present of the ‘whole-wide-world’ and at this hour, (Macky Sall Is In Deep Trouble And He Is Bond To Go Because Of His Hypocritical Nature) Senegalese have finally had ENOUGH of his lies and wickedness.
    I hope that his Puppets in Banjul will quickly learn from the sequences of events taking place right now in Dakar – Their Masters and Partners in Crime are fighting to stay alive so I guess you all are ready for the inevitable too? 

    If you all are thinking that you can maltreat Gambians today and suppress the will of the people by stealing and using violence as a weapon to impose yourselves us our people then be rest assured that your days are equally numbered like that of your Boss in Dakar.
    Gambians are documenting everything and patiently watching your stage performance in the Gambia today. Already, many are being wrongful fired, arrested, severely beaten and rights of our fellow citizens are being violated on a daily basis without any repercussions.

    As we speak, your violent thugs are running riots in our motherland, threatening and physically attacking the APRC supporters and no one is saying a word, right?

    All thanks to Macky Sall but folks, Allah SWT is with those who are patient so let’s remain peaceful amidst all their provocations for victory will be soon granted and that will be the time they will regret to have shown us what their true colors are like in power.

    Macky Sall and his hungry thieves in Banjul deserves nothing but to be shown the exit doors.

    They are the biggest nuisance in our Sene-Gambian Nation today but with all their packages of lies and deception, they will soon become part of what you and I often refer as HISTORY – A Thing Of The Past, by the grace of The Almighty.

    To conclude, I will take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and support for all patriotic citizens of Senegal who came out in their hundreds of thousands to demand for his resignation and the immediate release of the Mayor Of Dakar (Halipha Sallah) among many other victims of Macky Sall’s dictatorship rule.

    Macky Sall, lest you forget that I once said to you and your evil administration that, “Had I known Shall Never Be Know – Macky Sall”…This is just the beginning of the end of your disgraceful and envious soul – Time To Dance To Your Own Tune.

    Authored By:

    Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

    Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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