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BREAKING NEWS: Macky Sall Vs Assan Diouf – Who Is The Real ‘TERRORIST’ Of Our Sene-Gambian Nation???


Yet again, we at “Unifying Newspaper” are being vindicated time and time again by the hypocritical and discredited governments of both Macky Sall and his puppets in Banjul. We are on record to have repeatedly warned Sene-Gambians and the rest of the world about Africa’s biggest hypocrite in the person of Macky Sall.

Many (sene-Gambians) were under the illusion that, our assertions and harsh criticism directed at his government and the relentless exposure of his nefarious dealings with his puppets in Banjul, were as a result of his direct interference into our electoral process but I guess by now, the entire world is in agreement with our stance against this Hypocrite.

Over the years, Mack Sall pretended well enough by masquerading and portraying himself to be the finest gentleman there is but beneath his plastic smile and softly spoken nature; lies a deadly green snake under the green. Suffice it to say, We at “Unifying Newspaper” have been on record to have predicted his exact moves prior to the most recent disputed parliamentary elections in Senegal.

We unequivocally asserted here that, Macky Sall and his surrogates, including his puppets in Banjul are plotting to rig the elections and so he did in the open for all to see his true colours.

Now, let’s  take a quick reality Check so as to reach to our natural conclusions in answering the above question in the caption.

To cut the long story short (his long catalogues of political opportunism and betrayals) – There is no iota of doubt in my or our minds that, Macky Sall came into power in a Coalition government, right?  The Senegalese all came together after he secured 24% of the overall votes in the first round – The rest of the opposition parties all joined hands in the second round and propelled him to the palace with a clear mandate to form a coalition government, right?

But as soon as he assumed the mantle of leadership to run the affairs of Senegal, instead of focusing on the burning issues confronting his populace, Macky Sall wasted no time in seeking for retribution against his predecessor and his noble family. 

Despite the fact that politically, he was made who he is today by the Wadda Family; but just think of the manner in which he maltreated “President Abdoulie Wadda and his son Karim Wadda”..

“Likewise his puppets in Banjul today, He knowingly lied to the entire world about ‘President Abdoulie Wadda and his Son’, with intent to tarnish their Hard-Earned reputation in Senegal and the rest of the world”.

FAST FORWARD – Just after openly rigging the most recent parliamentary elections in Senegal, Macky Sall quickly moved on to further suppress the voices of all his critics in the making because guilty conscience wouldn’t deny.
The latest and most revealing of all his cynical and dangerous nature is the ongoing battle of the minds, as he seeks to eternally bury the voice of another firebrand activist in the person of Assan Diouf.

Although when it comes down to publicly taking Macky Sall’s authoritative regime in Senegal, Assan Diouf can be rightly categorized as a ‘new comer’ in the scene he rocked the very foundation of his tyrannical rule since he took to the social media platforms by storm.


In the final analysis, if one is to put all our aforementioned points into consideration based on our own level of reasoning, guess we can all arrive at the very same conclusion that, Macky Sall is anything but a democrat.

Although ‘Assan Diouf’ is yet to be released by the US authorities but thankfully, things are NOT also working out for him and his desperate elites in Dakar. We urge the US authorities to reason well and gather all the fact and ensure his safety by granting him some sort of protection in America. That is the very least expected of the United State Of Africa.


Be Your Own Judge But We At Unifying Newspaper Are Already On Record And The Answer In Our Books Is None Other Than “Macky Sall” – Africa’s Biggest Disgrace.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’..

NB: If you have any info to share with us or articles for publication, please contact us via our ‘News-desk’ by emailing us:- (unifyingradio@gmail.com)

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Now they are. Afraid of the truth. The want silence us. Wicked macky.