Home Politics BREAKING NEWS: Notorious Gambian Tribalists Bamba Mass & Suntou Touray’s Lies Exposed

BREAKING NEWS: Notorious Gambian Tribalists Bamba Mass & Suntou Touray’s Lies Exposed


I’m on record to have warned the Gambians about characters who were hell-bent on spreading lies via ‘Whatsapp’ during the bitterly disputed (Rigged) presidential election.  I can vividly remember listening to an audio which is still in my possession, made by (The Toxic Tribalist & Manipulative Liars Of The Century) one of the Masterminds of the ‘Dirty-Tribal-Politics, in the person of this deadly characters call ‘Suntou Touray & Bamba Mass’. These Men have over time, proved to be one of the most wicked beings we all as a Nation should be extremely careful of; with their corrupted thoughts, lies & destructive-tribal agendas.

In one among many of their series of calculated lies as the Strategists of the ‘UDP Led Coalition 2016; in the Diaspora, Suntou Touray & Bamba Mass became so desperate to the point of (Stooping To Basement Levels) turning to our brothers and sisters who went through hell and back, only to reach the sores of Europe (Risking their precious lives to cross the Mediterranean). They were heartlessly lying to them so they can call their respective family members on the ground and urge them to vote for the Coalition.

Like I already asserted above, I still have the recording to prove that we are not just talking but we are genuinely concern for the general well-being of our brothers and sisters as a Nation.  Unifying Newspaper deals with only ‘facts’ at our at disposal and not ‘hearsays’ or ‘cooked-up story-lines’ like they do and know best; because our Credibility as a Global Medium will never be compromised”, come what may.

The moment I received it and listened to what Suntou was saying, I  knew right away that he was simply ‘LYING’ to our brothers for VOTES because there is no ‘FOREIGN MINISTRY’ Of any nation in this world, that legally have the powers to dictate and prevail on Immigration Departments’ policies of other nations for a start. Therefore, the utterance of this so-called strategists is misleading and done of out selfishness and greed.

Although it wasn’t surprising to me that, the UDP were cynically engaging the populace on the ground and the International Community based on lies and deception prior to the election but I was in utter shock and disbelief when I heard him lying in that said audio, coming from a man I once thought that was the coolest among the lot, not knowing that, he is one of the deadliest characters/Tribalist I’ll ever come to know .

Frankly speaking, I was and am still left completely flabbergasted by your utterance because I never thought that, you of all people will stoop that low to lie to our people in the name of politics, Bamba Mass & Suntou Touray?

Words are like a bullet and once it is fired, it can’t be retrieved. Here is what you promised our youths in your audio Suntou:

“Those who came through the back-way to Europe and Seek Asylum in within the EU should all be rest assured that, all you guys need to do now is to just call your family members back home and tell them to cast their votes for the (UDP led) Coalition Candidate Adama Barrow – And in return, as soon as we assume power, I will ensure that, we dispatch our ‘Foreign Minister’ (who by the way we now know is none other than the De-Facto-Shadow- President and his name is Lawyer Ousainou Darboe) to come and meet with the ‘European Union Leaders’ so that all the Gambians who came through the Back-Way will be given residency or some sort of status to work and live happily ever after; in which ever country of their liking across the EU”.

Isn’t it what you and your Coalition Team promised our good BROTHERS and SISTERS who are currently living in Italy, Spain & Germany etc…?

Meantime, hence the ‘UDP’ are now running things and ‘Lawyer Ousainou Darboe’ is also appointed and currently severing as another Illegitimate’ Foreign Minister’ in the farcically Failed-Coalition-Government of the day.
we at Unifying Newspaper will rather give Suntou Touray and Lawyer Ousainou Darboe the benefit of the doubt to fulfil their election promise to the youths of our motherland, living in the diaspora in very difficult conditions. So fingers-crossed.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Suntou Touray and members of their ‘Coalition 2016 forum’ cannot refute the content of this article because as always, it is an irrefutable fact which he will never and will dare not deny. He is on record to have deliberately lied to young and patriotic Gambians who came through the ‘Back-Way’ by promising them that, “Kaii Tol Bay Dee la leh” – Meaning, they will all be granted Asylum Status and sanctuary if the coalition came into office; so let’s wait and see if they will do as promised or will I be vindicated again; for warning them that, “he is lying and that, the first thing they will be doing is to ‘SELL YOU and your COUNTRY OUT’; like ‘MARKET COMMODITIES’ to the very same EU Leaders”???

Was their empty-promises based on their desperation and greed to get to power thus make them target and exploit the vulnerability and circumstances of those living a life destitution in Europe or is it something he/they meant and can do in all honesty? If so, how are they going to do it and when will that be?

Bamba Mass and Alh. Suntou Touray – When and what time frame are you guys looking at to dispatch ‘Lawyer Darboe’ to come and meet up with Leaders of the European Union (in his capacity as the Foreign Minister/Shadow President) to regularize the status of all those who came through the ‘Back-way’ as promised?

I am SCREAMING OUT! Calling you guys out and asking you lot directly because many people are contacting this medium, crying out for help in seeking for clarity as to where they now stand; after fulfilling their side of the bargain?

Suntou & Bamba Mass, the reason for lying and purpose have now been served already, isn’t it? You even bought the #GAMBIAHASDECIDED T-shirt, right? You’ll are Job Seeking And Hunting For Positions In The New administration….lolzzzzzz….. So you ‘OLD ANALOGS’ need to understand that, The Gambians are now living in the Digital age and the youths are smarter than you old pas. lol.

Haven’t I warned you all that, ‘Gambian youths are very smart’? They will give you chance and if you mess with them? hmmmmm… Even H.E. President Jammeh understood that very well and that’s why he was there for that long. He invested in Education for the younger generations and he preached them to be self-reliant so as to look after themselves. They call it ‘back to the Land’…Eat What You Grow & Grow What You Eat Mate. Remember?

When are you lots thinking of rescuing them from their miseries or was I right for saying that, ‘you were simply lying to them by tapping into their emotions and exploiting their weakness based on their heartfelt desires of regularizing their status in Europe?

Remember Suntou, You all pretended to them well enough and made them all believe that, their current predicament in Europe is of great concern to you and your coalition leadership so Why are they no longer your priority? Are they now up for Sale as Well?

We can smell the rat from afar folks but again, we are patiently waiting to hear or see their next move regarding this particular issue. We’re keenly monitoring the Unfolding Drama.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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