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BREAKING NEWS: Our Smart Investigative Team Busted The Gang Of ‘Adama Barrow & His Corrupt Officials’ Red-handed!!!


From the Moment we first heard of the fattest lie being spewed from the deceitful mouth of none other than the illegitimate Minister Of Interior (Maimuna Fatty) that, President Jammeh made off with our Millions, we knew right away that it was nothing be a calculated move by a renownedly dubious-con-artist for a start.

Therefore, knowing the true colours and innermost desires of these greedy pack of ‘hungry wolves in sheep clothing’, we thought it wise to further investigate the authenticity of their claims or rather allegations; because we were able to easily tap into the criminal mindset of (Mai Fatty) the mastermind of the Scam, read between the lines and immediately drew our natural conclusions that they are simply lying to the world. Period.

Nonetheless, we gave them the benefit of the doubt and pressed on ahead with our investigations; only to discover that not a single bank ever reported anything to do with the alleged withdrawal of a dime by the former president, prior to his departure. Neither did Mai Fatty, Adama Barrow ever brought forward or presented their irrefutable evidence to back up their cheap lies against our great Babili-Mansa.

And considering the fact that both Mai Fatty and Adama Barrow were at the time, seeking refuge in Senegal, common sense simply doubted their shallow thoughts of going for the kill with such a cheap-fabricated lie. As asserted here on Unifying Newspaper from day one that it was all a lie intended to blindfold the International Community and Gambians as a Nation, we ensured that our agents will be constantly monitoring our Central bank and other Institutions, hence we are fully aware of the fact that they were blatantly lying to the world; with intent to steal as much money as they can, and enrich themselves at the detriment of our underprivileged masses”.

We were contacted by our agents tasked with the responsibility of monitoring our Central Bank on a late Friday and reported that, Men in Security Uniforms arrived in four vehicles and are demanding a lot of money from the Bank and loading it on their pickup trucks. The manner in which they came rushed in and out of the Bank was so frightening that many thought they may even be armed robbers, impersonating our security personals.

It could be recalled that I’d once addressed ‘Adama Barrow’ in one of my live shows and specifically asked him a direct question as to who those men were and who sent them to our Central bank to load a huge amount of our monies? Adding, if indeed he’d  sent them, then, what is he going to do with it and why are Gambians not being told of such moves to take huge sums of our monies from our Central Bank?

However, we thought to hang on to the story because our agents told us that they were supposed to come back for more money on Monday, and if they do, then so can digitally capture them in action as evidence for posterity and guess what folks? Finally, we hit the jackpot with this exclusive picture of them in action.

Although it was a ‘cat and mouse game’ between us because they already heard of my assertions, questions and as you all know, I even gave them clues as to where the vehicles headed to and how far our agents pursued them all the way to Fajara ( Around Adama Barrow’s Hotel) – So they cancelled it and skipped it for weeks, just to make sure they strike at a time when we are the least expecting it but only if they knew
Unknowingly, our well-placed agents were patiently waiting for them at the vicinity of the Bank, linked with those inside and as soon as they came in, they were digitally captured in action folks.

In this exclusive pictures, you can see the moment they arrived and besieged the area – The vehicle reversed back into the Gate to load the bags of our monies, while the others are on the look out for anyone suspicious of taking any photos of them or videos etc.
Nevertheless, little did t hey know that our agents are sophisticated enough to take pictures of them at the time of their liking without their acknowledgement, as seen in this exclusive pictures.
Thinking of those selfishly-gullible surrogates’ singing songs of praises for this dying regime, – their behaviour and utterances on social media platforms do often remind me of a proverb by ‘Robert Ingersoll’; Who once said; – “In all ages, the people have honoured those who dishonoured them. They have worshipped their destroyers; they have canonized gigantic liars and buried the great thieves in marble and gold. Under the loftiest monuments sleeps the dust of murder”.

In Spite of all percussions taken and their timing, we were in place and in a position to capture them with such an ease.  Maa Shaa Allah….Thanks to the well-coordinated efforts of patriotic citizens who believe in what we doing here at Unifying Newspaper that we are able to finally expose the truth to the whole world beyond all reasonable doubts.

Well done folks – You all will surely be honoured for risking it all just to inform the Gambians and the rest of the world of what is currently taking place in the Gambia, under Adama Barrow’s failed-tribal regime.

On a final note, we hereby urging ‘Adama Barrow’ to come out of his closet and tell Gambians where he is taking all this money to, why and what for? They just can’t be lying to us daily while rinsing our Central Bank at any given opportunity. Adama Barrow, Why?

Remeber that, ‘Exposure is the Game we play here at Unifying Newspaper’ And Only The Truth Shall Set Us Free In The End’. ‘STOP SQUANDERING OUR NATIONAL RESOURCE, Mr Bulleh Barry. ‘You Should Simply Do Us A Favor And Step Down To Save Our Drowning Nation; For Gambians Do Deserve Much Better Than Your Cluelessly Dumb, Corrupt And Failed System Of Governance’.

Frankly, Gambians Do Now Have Enough Of The Tribal Politic Of Lies And Deception…

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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