BREAKING NEWS: – Over A Million Hits In Just 21 Days. A Press Release From Unifying Newspaper & Radio Network Team



    Dear All,

    We at Unifying Newspaper & Radio Network Team are extremely delighted to share this amazing news with all of you our Smart Global Audience. As you all know people nowadays are busy and time is of the essence. With portable digital devices in their pockets and performing multiple tasks on the go. Reading resourceful information from a credible source is how most of us absorb news especially in the social media era.

    That is why we researched thoroughly to understand the

    news gambia website hits one million hits
    Total Hits since lunch of website on 18th January to 8th February 2017.

    scope of interests and how people are affected by matters that concern them most. So we implemented the best practices in delivering stories on our platforms both radio and newspaper that will deliver factual content at every opportunity.

    Although it may sound to one’s ears like a its obvious or to the eyes like a movie but what we are about to announce to all is:

    Just few days ago -On the 2nd Feb – 2017- We were over the moon for having clocked an unbelievable amount of hits in just 48hrs (90,000 Hits in Just Two Days) but when we thought that we cannot beat that; ever again – To my astonishment, the two days mark was reduced to a day and more hits keeps on a daily basis coming.

    Since we resumed our operations 21 days ago – To- Date, Unifying Newspaper website; received an incredible amount of hits that, without a doubt, exceeded the wildest of our expectations and even that of our imaginations.  From on the (18th-01-2017 to 31-01-2017 )- Since we resumed, In just ’13 days’, We registered ‘468,206 hits’ on our website.

    But that; is not it folks, yesterday alone, we registered a whopping ‘140,316 hits’ in just 24hrs and since from the beginning of this month of February; to date (1st-02-2017 to the -8th-02-2017 ) – As we piece together this Press release, we already clocked in an amazing ‘679,069 hits’ in just 8 days. Isn’t it mind-blowing?

    Let’s add the figures up and see what we got in totally, commencing from the 18th-01-2017 to 8th-20-2017- (468,206 + 679,069 = 1,147,75). We are not making up anything here to deceive you or ourselves but rather sharing the truth of what is currently transpiring behind the scenes with all and sundry.

    Considering the fact that, we’d actually closed down our site and only hitting the road again in just less than a month, we cannot be humbled and thankful enough to you our global audience for your unflinching support in our collective endeavors of defending the truth and serving humanity to the very best of our abilities.

    Authored By:

    Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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