BREAKING NEWS: Pictures Of Our Great Revolutionary Leader (President Jammeh & His Friend) Emerges & He Is Looking Great.


    In The History Of Governance & Presidency – I Asked You (Gambians) All A Very Simple Question As To Who Is Like unto Him Among All His Peers Across Our African Continent And The Rest Of The World Today?

    Enemies Of Our Progress As A Nation where out to say and play every trick in their dirty books of politics just to tarnish his image and deviate our attention from his unique qualities that this mysteriously gifted revolutionary possessed.

    I certainly do not have to remind you or myself of what it was like in the Gambia before he ( President Jammeh) came to power as a young determined soldier but will put it in a nut shell for those who were born under his rule or for those who may have NO recollection of what it use to be like, under ( President Baba Jawara) the first republic of the “PPP ” regime.

    Although Jawara was also surrounded and eventually disabled by the same Mafia’s who fought and betrayed President Jammeh too; but it is crucially important that we put everything into prospective for our future generations.

    Nonetheless – In a nutshell, we were effectively living in absolute darkness until the July 22ND Revolution Swept them all off their feet and took our motherland into the light today but will they ever admit to this reality?

    Will they ever have he decency to acknowledge one good thing out of the thousands or millions of outstandingly excellent things President Jammeh did for our children and family members of even his fiercest of critics who benefited immensely under his rule?

    Let’s bear in mind that, Hatred, Envy, Ungratefulness is indeed a disease of the heart so it is not for you but for the wicked and the ungodly souls. This failed Coalition Government are simply ungrateful to be openly Indulging in the “Witch-Hunting” of our most ‘Excellent-Servants’ we’ve ever had as a Nation.
    Despite the fact that he was young and many including myself, doubted his mission of ‘reorientation and National Construction for the betterment of all’ but over the years, he successfully proven himself to be the very BEST of a revolutionary leader there is today, in his day and age.

    Regardless of what lies are being leveled against him today by those tribal fanatics who clearly have an agenda of burying every good he ever did for us – Honest & Patriotic citizens of our small but blessed Nation will forever be indebted to our ‘ABLE & JUST’ Commander – In- Chief – “The Architecture Of The New Gambia We All Are Enjoying Today”.

    I must admit that, Seeing his latest pictures ( with President Of Equatorial Guinea) in the wilderness and also visiting a farm, brought tearful memories rolling down as it reminds me of his never ending love for farming – He was a visionary leader who was determined to work his shocks-off just to create “Food-self-sufficiency, sustainability and self-reliance” as a Nation.

    He did not only thought us to have positive self-esteem as a people of the rich and fertile land of our African Continent but led by example throughout his leadership. He physically tilled the land and invested all the yearly productions in offering free government-scholarships to almost quarter of a million Gambians without any discrimination whatsoever.

    But despite all his outstanding records of achievement as a revolutionary leader, his critics like the ‘tribal-fanatics’ in within the ‘UDP’ are still determined to play the dirtiest of all mind games with intent to deceive us to think otherwise of him but by the grace of the Almighty, failure will forever be their destiny.
    We (Gambians) may have be tricked into leaving the big fish we had safely in our hands , in exchange of one in the water but not any more for Gambians are right awake today than ever before so game on.

    I will seize this great opportunity to thank all the die-heart supporters of our Diverse Party- APRC – The biggest political party of the Gambia. We are being victimized & prosecuted today but let’s remain as ‘peaceful’ as ever and comply with the rules of the game as often instructed by our Leader ( President Jammeh) throughout the history of our legendary party.
    Let’s remain united and keep focus on nurturing the most cherished ‘PEACE and STABILITY’ of our motherland as law abiding citizens because they are desperately provoking us with violence both night and day but please, eyes on the price. Together, we shall soon overcome, by the grace of the Almighty.

    Authored By:

    Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
    Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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