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BREAKING NEWS: PREGNANCY ALERT- Is Fatou “The Husband Snatcher” Camara Pregnant Again???


Although we at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ are yet to fully substantiate this Speculative information we’ve received for time now; but It is being widely Rumored in both The Gambia and in some quarters here in the Diaspora that, Fatou ‘Gold-Digger’ Camara is Pregnant and expecting her fourth baby. True or False?

Only time will tell because as we all know that, her pathological lying nature and hypocrisy was perfectly concealed while licking up her way to the ‘State-House’ during the Jammeh Administration; so her deceitful nature should teach us all a good lesson to not jump before the gun nor believe a word she utters or will ever have to utter from her  ‘mouth full of lies and tricks’.

Therefore, we can only go by what the Gambians are saying (Gossipers like herself)for now but as the ‘TOP LEADING GAMBIAN ONLINE NEWSPAPER’ with over “1.5 Million Hits” in a month, we cannot afford to put our hard-earned reputation into disrepute by asserting what we cannot substantiate.

Despite this, we preserve the right to share whatever information we may deemed appropriate for our readership to be in the know or to give them a hint of what is about to unravel or what is being rumored in town. But hence it is an unconfirmed rumors, just take it for what it is -With a pinch of salt because is yet to be verified and satisfied by our able investigative team.

It is important to note however, that the person in question here is no stranger to us (The Gambians) and her dirty-dealings in within the previous Administration is an open secret to even the youngest of our country men and women today. These Vindictive soul was and is still the cause of many heartaches in the Gambia and she is widely known to be one of the cheapest of all women out there, said our very reliable source.

When questioned as to whether he is aware of the ‘unconfirmed-rumors’ of her pregnancy?  He laughed and responded sarcastically, throwing his own question back at me and said: “Come on – Will you be surprised at all that she is still opening her legs and using her ‘Wrinkled, Old & Floppy’ body to seduce men out there in America”? And am like, Ok!! And what do you mean though?

He went on further to reveal a lot more than I expected as he confessed to have had a ‘One-Night-Stand’ with her back in the days but quickly dumped her; as soon as he heard off her past and had similar experience with her too.

He knew then; that, she is just trying to rinse him by manipulating her way to get closer to him and often fling herself on him, so cheaply. He told me things I just cannot write nor relay to our esteem global readership out of respect but I can safely argue that, as a father, she ain’t no good ‘Role-Model’ for my daughter at all. Too cheap and too fake to say the least.

I also contacted one of her ‘Clients’ back then and he just cracked-up upon asking him what she truly was like? He just used a phrase like; she is a *Public Swimming Pool* – That’s how we call her my brother. She cannot help herself from wanting to sleep with anyone she suspects to have an influence, famous or money in their pockets.

She is easily pimped and even whereas she was officially married, the girl just can’t help it from chasing the paper and getting banged out both night and day in different locations – “She is a bad news to our children and country”, said one of her ex-Clients .

Another lady said, “Fatou Camara is a curse to our Nation and she brought so much shame to our womanhood my brother” – ‘She wrecked the former Government that made her; by lying so, so much about Jammeh and now, she is doing everything behind close doors to secure another ‘Diplomatic Appointment’ at the ‘Gambian Embassy In The US’ but only if they know what that for  it means for the new Government’.

I asked her about the rumors flying around and this; is what she said in response: – “I’ll not be surprise that she may go as far as getting herself pregnant just to stay in America because she have no papers here and Donald Trump is the very least predictable president ever – So anything is possible”. Unless you on about someone else but If you are asking about the same ‘Fatou Camara’ I know like the Pam of my hands, you just cannot rule out anything evil she is being accused of doing until proven innocent.

She is a certified liar and she is capable of doing the unthinkable; so getting herself pregnant is just nothing because many already said that, “her last son is not the Biological son of her ‘Ex-husband’ (Yusupha Saidy) and it is widely rumored and believed to be the Son of another questionable character in the person of ‘Amadou Samba’.

The boy doesn’t look like no one but (Mini) Amadou Samba and Fatou will dare not say otherwise. If she wanted to clear herself from it all, she can and should’ve taken a DNA test to prove us wrong but she will never do that because it will be the end of her lies and deceptive nature, she vowed.

These brave lady, who currently have flown out to Banjul; also revealed to me very disturbing revelations regarding ‘Sheikh Omar Faye (AKA GORR)  & Fatou Camara’ herself. Time is the Master so hopefully, we will get into it and get to the very bottom of it all someday because it is too much for one to begin to comprehend folks so let’s wait and see. 

Nonetheless, I MUST confess that, I’ve seen a picture of ‘Fatou Camara’ with her ‘FAT-JELLY-BELLY’ hanging out as though, she is pregnant with ‘TWINS’ but she wasn’t. Shockingly enough, It was all her ‘Jelly-Belly’ hanging and not a single baby inside, growing steadily.

Therefore,  I’m not convinced of the rumors of her pregnancy yet and I’d make it Crystal clear to our sources,who gave us the ‘tips’ of the hottest rumors flying in town. But again, ‘NEVER-SAY-NEVER’ because everything is Possible in life.

In the final analysis, if it turns out that she is pregnant as widely rumored, then be rest assured that the night will soon turn to daylight. Because if it is true, she will have to go through the ‘Nine-Month’ period of pregnancy and ultimately, she have to give birth to a baby boy or girl, isn’t it?

So let’s hope and keep our fingers crossed because if it is true, she may either run to her doctor and request for an ‘ABORTION’ just to cover it up or deliver a baby- It is one of the two options on the table for her. If it is true that you are Pregnant fatou, please don’t kill the baby.

That is one of the reasons why we did not say anything about it for time now, as we were waiting for her to announced it but we do sincerely hope that if she is pregnant , at least , she will keep the baby hence she can only blame herself for opening her legs for it and NOT to kill an innocent soul just because of her pride and dignity as a Wannabe Celebrity. 

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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