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BREAKING NEWS: Rambo Jatta Presented Football Jerseys To (YAMA FC) Kanilia United On Behalf Of The Nyassi Family!!!


Despite the untold suffering of harassments, arrests, and the ongoing prosecution of innocent Gambians, but more so the people of Foni, many are now seeking ways of moving on in unison as a one Nation, and there is no other better way and means of bringing the people together as one than organising a football tournament.

There were many obstacles which kind of delayed the progress of organizing the tournament, including the tragic and untimely demise of one of the Main Executive Members of the Kansala Football Committee (Mr Ousman Colley and Hawa Jarju) and his wife.

Ousman Colley, the Agricultural Regional Director of Central River Region South and his wife have passed on Tuesday 25 July 2017, in a fatal accident at Sanyenya village, just when entering the Kombos. May Allah SWT grant them both one of the highest of places in Jannatul-Firdaus. Ameen!! 

Nonetheless, The Kansala Football Committee did manage to now forge ahead in making all the final preparation for the commencement of the football tournament, geared to further strengthen the peaceful coexistence of all villagers of Foni Kansala and by extension, Foni and the Gambia as a whole. The Kansala Football Committee is set and the tournament will be kicking off soon, by the grace of the Almighty.

Our sister (Yama Nyassi) being the main sponsorer of the Kanilia United Football Club, we as a family was represented by none other than the honorable “Rambo-Jatto-Jatta”, who personally presented the surprise package to the President of the Kanilia United/Yama FC. 
“I’m deeply honored to have been given the privilege of representing and presenting such benevolence extended to the young youths of Kanilia, the home of our leader, President Jammeh”.
The Nyassi family (Sulayman Nyassi and Yama Nyassi) are my own, and it is only appropriate that I represent them. I intend to attend their opening game as well, by the grace of the Almighty. The President of the Football Club was delighted upon receiving two bags of their Jerseys and T-Shirts for the Fans club, said Rambo.

The Executive Committee Of (Yama FC) Kanilia United Did Also Acknowledge the Recipient Of The Sponsored Package On  Their Official Facebook Page – Stating as Follows:
We have collected the football jerseys (18) and t-shirts (40) from the humble Nyassi Family, presented to us as a member of our family (club). The materials were presented to us through me (Ebrima, the Club president) by Mr. Rambo Jatta who represented Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi & Yama Nyassi, and Lamin Jarju who represented their beloved late father Momodou Lamin Shyngle Nyassi. The materials were collected in a friendly and humble way, and also with much joy and pleasure, from the Nyassi Family as they stood beside their sister (Yama Nyassi, our club’s sponsor) as a humble and a United family. So we would like to thank them for their benevolent, tireless and magnanimous gesture for the support they have done for us. Thank you!!!

Considering the fact that Foni Kansala is our ancestorial land of peace, we are equally humbled of have our beloved father (Honourable Musa Amul Nyassi) elected as our Parliamentarian of Kansala, and us as the sponsor of the home team of our beloved leader- Babili-Mansa. Thank you all for bestowing such an honor on our humble Nyassi Family.

Like our dad rightly said, ‘this tournament is organized with the sole aim and objective of nurturing the peaceful coexistence and unity amongst the youth, fans and elders alike/villagers of Foni Kansala’.
“Therefore, it doesn’t really matter as to who ends up winning the trophy nor does the price involves matters, but rather what is achieved at the end of the tournament. The Unity of all is and should be the ultimate goal to be realized in the end”. So let’s get in the field of soccer and have a laugh together; in perfect peace and harmony.
EDITOR’S NOTE: We as a family are simply blessed to have been chosen as the sponsor of the Kanilia United Football Club, named after my beloved sister Yama Nyassi.

To conclude, we at “Unifying Newspaper” are hereby thanking our beloved brother Rambo Jatta for once again, doing what he does best, selflessly servicing humanity on a daily basis. Thank you Nkotoma Kenddo – Thank you Ebrima for reaching out.

A Secret Confession: Despite the fact that we are original Natives of Bwiam but as sponsorers of (Yama FC) Kanilia United, me and my sister are cheering our boys all the way to victory. Come On Yama FC….LoL..Nonetheless, good luck to all other teams participating in this ‘Family-Reunion-Tournament’ Of Foni Kansala. Wishing You All The Very Best Of Luck. Let’s Have Fun As One Family.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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