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BREAKING NEWS: Remember That I Said “IF NOT RIGGED” – Didn’t You See It Coming Folks???


The truth is finally hitting home as many Gambians are waking up to the reality that, this Failed UDP-LED Government did actually SOLD out all those who came through the ‘Back-Way’ to the European Union and went on to blatantly lie and manipulated the will of the Gambian People by using their agents in within the so called ‘Independent Electoral Commission’ to rig the parliamentary election as well.

But as far as I am concern, it is the very least surprising that they successfully manufactured their own results instead of allowing the Masses (Electorates) to freely express their constitutional rights as to who they will agree to send to our National Assembly.

I think even the dumbest of all will not be surprise that they once again Cooked-Up the electoral results well ahead of time, just like they did during the Presidential elections so I will you all NOT for being deeply UPSET and Unhappy with the blatant thief and suppression of your Almighty-God Given rights to freely elect your preferred representatives.

Although many people were only out to exercise their constitutional rights of casting their votes but deep down, everybody knew that, the same ‘Mafia Network’ in within the compromised institution of the so called ‘Independent Electoral Commission’ are hard at work and already prepared their ‘FAKE-RESULTS’ even before the people queued at their respective polling stations across the country.

That was the very reason why I wrote an article three days before the voting, entitled :

President Jammeh’s ‘APRC PARTY’ Posed To Sweep The Polls- If Not Rigged Again!!!

“If Not Rigged Again” I said and everyone who was keenly following the entire campaign will undoubtedly dispute with the authenticity of this FAKE-RESULTS.

Nevertheless,I will divulge into their lies and deceptive ways of rigging this election in due course, by the grace of the Almighty.

As we speak, fights are breaking up across the country because of their work of inequity and I will urge our Police and Paramilitary to quickly intervene in communities currently fighting over their bitter political disputes and prevent it from escalating but in doing so, employ due diligence in the manner you all will be handling this sensitive situation.

Like that of our Presidential Election, If anyone is still trying to justify such a Scam in the name of democracy, then (YOU) they must be either mentally retarded or simply part of the deal and falsely arguing for the indefensible because their stealing methods is very obvious for all to see beyond all reasonable doubts.

Let’s keep the faith for now because time will soon tell the full story – In Shaa Allah..

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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