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Breaking News:- Six Gambian Deportees Arrived At The Banjul International Airport From Germany.


News reaching us since this evening confirms the arrival of Six Gambian deportees from Germany. The plane carrying the deportees was scheduled and cleared for landing at 18:54 PM by the Gambian Government. 

Despite the Continuous denial by officials of the crumbling regime of Adama Barrow, the German Government have already Started the process assigned and agreed between both governments.

According to our impeccable sources in within the failed coalition government in Banjul, Lawyer Darboe tried his level best to persuade the German authorities to wait until after the local government elections but they wouldn’t entertain his plea at this hour.

It could be recalled that the European Union gave them €75M, so after sharing and squandering the money, these ‘outdated-Old-Analogs’ were banking on manipulating their way out of it by giving endless excuses to their European Partners but it’s all turning on their heads now and we must as a Nation, ensure that we account for every single penny they’ve received in our Name.

The German government is running out of the patient with them because they already have enough of their lies and distractions. So they decided to deport six people today and gauge the reaction of the corrupt and useless government in Banjul – If nothing is said or done, more will soon be following.

The deportees were reported to have been raining Insults on both ‘President Adama Barrow and Lawyer Darboe’ for facilitating their deportation, and warning that nothing can stop them from rendering the country ungovernable. They openly warned that many more vulnerable Gambians across the world who are waiting for deportation will be coming, if Gambians did not rise up and end the regime of Adama Barrow.

One of our reliable agent succeeded in having a one to one chat with the ‘German Officer’ who was among the team of officers tasked with the responsibility of escorting the deportees back to the Gambia – During their conversation at the airport, the German officer revealed to our agent that, they will be deporting (82) eighty-two Gambians next week as well so brace yourselves up folks. It seems as though, the Germans / European Union are warming up and testing the waters at such a crucial time.

The Gambians as a nation are now living in utter shock and dismay because of the horrific turn of events late. If at all anyone was ever in doubt of what we’ve been telling you from day one, then I guess the truth is now revealing – Isn’t it?

Evidently, Adama Barrow and (Lawyer Darboe) his father sold out our brothers and sisters so it’s up to us to show them the exit door.

I bet if questioned as to whether he ( #LairDarboe) was informed of the coming of these deportees from Germany today and that of those lineup for next week?

His answer will undoubtedly be – As always, Lawyer Darboe wouldn’t hesitate to distance himself from it all and will probably repeat his no trademarks of “I Wasn’t Informed – I Know Nothing About It – It Wasn’t Me” etc..But he knowingly and happily signed it for money and he is now eating that money with his family – As if ain’t no tomorrow. Unbelievable.

For those deported from the US & Germany, we say to each and everyone of you that stay strong and remain faithful. Our Thoughts and Prayers Are With You All Daily…

They are nothing but traitors of our beloved Nation and her citizenry. We Shall Not Rest Until We See The Back Of These National Traitors And Certified Bunch Of Criminals From Power, By The Grace Of The Almighty..


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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