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BREAKING NEWS: The Baseless Case Against ‘Yankuba Badjie & Co’ Should Simply Be Struck Out Of Court, If Justice Is To Prevail….Part One!!!


Although many were shocked following the arrest of the former director of the then ‘National Intelligence Agency’ and seven others, accused of killing of Solo Sandeng.

But frankly speaking, knowing of the sequences of events that ultimately led to his untimely demise, I knew that they were simply playing it smart by going after the wrong people just to instill fear in the hearts of the populace and settle scores, as a way of covering up their own work of iniquity.
The absolute truth is, if one is to thoroughly investigate the entire conspiracy and the truth is to be told, you all will agree with me that, the dead of “Solo Sandeng” is the ‘Handy-Work of the ‘Tribal-Fanatics’ in within the UDP and it’s leadership. Considering the fact that he was an illiterate, they cynically plotted against him by inflating in egos, furnishing him with bulks of money so as to play on his ignorance of our laws, naivety and gullibility before pushing him to his grave. He was also scarified by the UDP. Period.
We all do know the truth as to what actually transpired behind close doors, so why will they be falsely prosecuting innocent people without an genuine reason, other than for the sake of retribution and for political point scoring? Just think about it folks!
Despite the fact that, ‘Lawyer Darboe’ is equally culpable to his dead, you’d all heard of the audio, coming from one of their idiotic fool in their forum, who was desperately lying and even trying to link ‘OJ Jallow’  (Minister Of Agriculture) with the Dead of Solo Sandang. Didn’t he went as far as soliciting for the immediate arrest of ‘OJ Jallow’ on that audio?   
They’ve NO evidence on these men, whatsoever, to prove that those they illegally incarcerated and paraded before our courts are in fact, responsible directly or indirectly for the dead of ‘Solo Sandang’ in the first place. So why denying them bail for such a lengthy period of time?

Everyone knows that, ‘Solo Sandang and co’ were NOT arrested by the NIA but the Police and Para-Military. During his arrest, it was alleged that he kind of resisted and refused to comply with the arresting officers and as result, they had to physically handle him and throw him in their vehicle. But whatever maybe the narrative from both sides, what we all can agree on is that, he’d sustained injuries during his arrest and died in state custody.

Therefore, it defy logic as to how one can jump from where it all began and arrived to the conclusion that, the former NIA personnel’s are legally responsible for murdering someone they brought in for questioning? What are the Credible evidence before the presiding judges against them, as we speak?

Because the million dollar question is that, Was it done by the NIA personals they Falsely charged of his murder? The answer to that question is a big NO with capital letters so the only rational explanation for their continuous ‘Illegal-Detention’ Must be done out of nothing but RETRIBUTION and certainly NOT based on any legal grounds. 
But there is much more to this case than you guys  know so keep on the look out for our next publication regarding this case, involving the eight-men Falsely charged with murder. We intend to serialize this specific case for our Smart-Global Audience.Like I said, as far as my knowledge regarding this case is concern, I am of the firm belief that, if one is to prosecute anyone, they should be prosecuting those who orchestrated the event that led to his demise and not those who were simply at the receiving end of all the episode. 
EDITOR’S NOTE:- ‘The path to peace, is peace itself’. We strongly urge Adama Barrow and his administration to release the men they illegally held in incommunicado for no genuine reason at all. We demand for their unconditional release and that of all political prisoners, in the interest of National Peace and Stability.
We (Unifying Newspaper) are keenly following the rapid developments, taking notes of all the twists and turns, with intent to accurately inform our Esteem Readership of nothing but the absolute truth for that matter. Watch out for more revelations to come your way very soon, by the grace of the Almighty.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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