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Breaking News :- The Biggest Political Party (APRC) Releases The Prospective List Of National Assembly Candidates!


Although we are deeply hurt after being ‘CHEATED & ROBBED IN BROAD-DAYLIGHTS’ during the most recent (RIGGED) Presidential election but as the saying goes,’What Doesn’t Kill You Will Only Make You Stronger’.

The APRC party supporters are back with full force, UNITED and DETERMINED like never before to redeem ourselves as a party.

Unlike all this power hungry sellouts and traitors, masquerading themselves as sincere leaders, the APRC party leadership and supporters have so much to be extremely PROUD of after bringing in about almost every single development one can see in that country today. Nor wonder  why we are the PARTY of all PATRIOTIC CITIZENS -‘STRESS FREE’.

Evidently, it is often like a funfair each time the vast majority of Gambians are out under the banner of the APRC. Today, I spent most of my time smiling away as I was watching pictures and videos of our Lovely mothers, brothers, sisters, Uncles, Aunties (Patriotic) citizens of our motherland, coming together in their thousands to nominate their respective parliamentary candidate for the upcoming elections scheduled to take place in April, by the grace of the ALMIGHTY CREATOR. 

Many students were out to also grace the APRC party members because most of them are now coming to the realization that, this ‘Failed-Coalition-Government’ have nothing in store to  offer them but further send our society Into chaos and that, they already failing to maintain the “FREE EDUCATION POLICY OF PRESIDENT JAMMEH’S ERA”..
Something they are rightly not willing to let go nor should we destroy that for them but build on it; for the sake of our future generations. The Students are talking but time will surely tell the full story of their worries and legitimate case for concern. 

For now though, let’s keep focus and perfectly execute  our collective TASK of electing all our Dynamic Candidates into our house of parliament.


  • Abdoulie Sain – Banjul Central
  • Hon Baboucarr S Nyang – Banjul South
  • Momodou Njie – Bundung
  • Gibbi Bah – Latrikunda Sabiji
  • Samba Jatta – Serrekunda West
  • Ebrima Sonko – Tallinding
  • Kumba Barry – Bakau
  • Seedy Bojang – SerreKunda
  • Alaji S Jammeh – Foni Jarrol
  • Kaddy Camara – Foni Bondali
  • Musa Amul Nyassy – Foni Kansala
  • Momodou Camara – Foni Bintang
  • Sunkary Badjie – Foni Brefet
  • Tairu EB Badjie – Kombo East
  • Sanna Bojang – Brikama South
  • Abdou Colly – Kombo South
  • Jerreh Sanyang –  Busumbala
  • Ousman Gaye – Old Yundum
  • Abdou Bajan – Sanneh Mentereng
  • Sainey Mbye – Upper Saloum
  • Amadou M Njie – Upper Fulladu west
  • Ebrima Sajor – Janjanbureh
  • Momodou Lamin – Jallow Sami
  • Bakary Sabally – Lower Fulladu West
  • Cherno Jallow – Niamina East
  • Saihou Susso – Kantora
  • Omar Sompo – Ceesay Basse
  • Habibulie Jawo – Jimara
  • Bubacarr Jallow – Tumana
  • Saikou Drammeh – Sandu
  • Geli Yerro Bah – Jarra Central

Editor’s Note: We at “Unifying Newspaper” are very happy to see to it that in almost every constituency across the Gambia, the APRC do have vibrant and outstanding candidates to serve them at our national assemble so I will urge all our electorates to vote for them accordingly.

Considering our current predicament that these Failed Coalition government brought on us as a people, the best bet for us to get out of this MESS is to elect ‘PATRIOTS’ so who will not only fight for you the underprivileged but for our ‘integrity and dignity as Independent-sovereign people’.

The million dollar question is that, Will the tribal politics of Ousainou Darboe & Mai Fatty be rejected?  Time will tell still but what is certain though is that, I am confident that they will failed in their own game of lies and deception for the Gambians are way more smarter than these ‘Old-Wines In New Bottles’.

We thank all the ‘Green Youths’, our mothers, aunties, uncles, fathers, brothers and sisters etc – For coming out massively to show solidarity with our party and nominate our parliamentary candidates. Nothing we can ever say or do to thank you all enough for their unflinching Loyalty to our party and leadership. Just get to work and get the job done, by the grace of the Almighty.

May Peace, Love & Harmony continues to be our guiding principles as ‘Law Abiding and Patriotic Citizens’ Of The Gambia – The Smiling Coast Of Africa. Ameeeen.

Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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