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BREAKING NEWS: The Brother Of President Jammeh (Captain Birray Jammeh) Was Abducted And Still Under State Custody For More 72 Hours..


It is rather pathetic to be even reporting this foolishness on the part of the failed regime of Adama Barrow, but hence they are determined to sink to the bottomless pit in violating the constitutional rights of our citizens based on ethnicity, we shall also not relent in pursued of justice for all those being currently victimized and those yet to come.

This tribalized-criminal government has been openly lying to the world that they believe in the principles of Democracy and the rule of law and yet, they suddenly turned into becoming the most ‘brutal human right violators’ overnight. Though they often utter the sweet words in the ears of the international community so as to manipulate them and secure loans and funding etc – But the truth will soon be catching up with them, by the grace of the Almighty. 

We’ve been investigating and documenting names of victims of all sorts, including that of the ongoing “Witch-hunting” of our innocent brothers in uniform, spearheaded by Mai Fatty and some vindictive souls in within the Failed UDP-Led government since they fraudulently assumed power in our motherland, when it became clear to me that, countless Gambian Soldiers are currently being ILLEGALLY imprisoned and kept incommunicado by the same very same administration claiming to be a one that respects the rights of our citizens as enshrined in our Constitution.
A clear case of reference among many other cases of blatant lies and the ongoing human right violations is that of the younger brother of our visionary leader (President Jammeh), known to many as Birray Jammeh and Buba Jammeh. After thoroughly investigating the false allegations leveled against them by the Failed-Tribal Regime and established all the facts surrounding this particular case, we at “Unifying Newspaper” can authoritatively report to our global audience that, the charges are malicious and baseless.
Remember, this Failed regime are OBSESSED JAMMEH and they all are suffering from a disease called ‘THE JAMMEH PARANOIA SYNDROME’. Anything Jammeh is deemed a threat of some sort. I guess their Surnames alone qualifies them to be possible suspects of a coup in their books but certainly not something factual at all.  It was all based on lies and deception, with intent to distract us from celebrating our July 22nd Anniversary, we get that, but to be falsely accusing people of such serious offense tantamount to defamation of one’s character by the state folks. And not to mention the Prolonging ILLEGAL DETENTION of innocent citizens by the Failed regime, without any legal justification, whatsoever.


Hello bro this is the picture of Captain Jammeh, who is alleged that he wants to over throw the president with one lieutenant Jammeh and they were all arrested on Saturday – They are currently in state custody and denied access to their family. However, we as top military Commanders cannot make sense of what they are being accused of because it doesn’t make sense. How can two people over throw the country?

Another high ranking officer asserted his opinion by pointing out the fact that, Captain Jammeh is a brother to the former president known as “Yaya Birray Jammeh” and the other one is called Buba Jammeh. They all worked at Fajara barracks and Captain Jammeh was one time an A.D.C to the former president Jammeh- so they are simply being TARGETTED and FRAMED by the tribalists and opportunists but they never and will plan to do such a thing in the first place.

We are not stupid my brother and we know what is happening. I told you that they have a plan to wipe out all the Jollas from the Army if they can. That is why I alerted you and give you all the correct information regarding the secret recruitment of the Militia-Wing. Like I said, I am a Mandingka but I will not stand by and watch the UDP tribal government destroy our peaceful Co-existence in the Army. I know these men they are trying to implicate. They are among the gentlest and finest soldiers I ever worked with here. We all know that they did nothing wrong. But the fact that their surnames are ‘Jammeh and Jolla’s’, relatives of President Jammeh, is the only reason for targeting them and falsely accusing them of planning to overthrow Adama Barrow’s Government, he concluded.
EDITOR’S NOTE: We are also being reliably informed that ‘Fajara barrack’ is now like a ghost town. Our Soldiers are no longer socializing with each other like they use to before during the days of President Jammeh. This government has failed. All they succeeded in doing is to ‘plant the seed of discord’ in our institutions and societies as a whole. Their false sense of superiority over others is destructive and if not rejected from our motherland, we may risk leading our selves to self-destruction.
Once again, we hereby call on Adama Barrow and his failed regime to stop abusing the fundamental rights of our citizens. More so those in inform. We strongly urge the government to stop falsely accusing innocent people and abducting them without any justification. We urge Adama Barrow to intervene and release all our brothers currently languishing in different (Prisons) Barracks.

Mainly, the Navy, Fajara, and Yundum respectively, are all packed with innocent Gambians Falsely accused of crimes they know NOT about. The World Is Watching and We Are Also Documenting It All For Posterity.  Remember that, “WhatGoess Up Must surely Come Down Some Day. Open Your Eyes And Be Wise Adama Barrow.


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK.

Chief-Editor Of “Unifying Newspaper”

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia”.- ‘O.R.G’.