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BREAKING NEWS: The Certified Hypocrite (Macky Sall) And Dictator Of Senegambia Is In Deep Trouble…


We at “Unifying Newspaper” are keenly following the unraveling events in Senegal and we are extremely delighted to be seeing the ‘beginning of the end’ of Africa’s biggest hypocrite and vindictive traitor of the highest order.

Macky Sall  (The Hypocrite & Dictator Of SeneGambia) is finally cornered and he is now at the mercy of the Senegalese electorates. The Senegalese will be going to the polls this month and the odds are definitely not in the favor of ‘Macky Sall’ and his surrogates.  While he was busy playing his hypocritical games, undermining and conspiring against our able leader (President Jammeh), so as to annex our motherland as it is today, his political opponents were on the other hand working hard to also get him ejected from power too.Tit-for-tat is a fair game, right? 
Thanks to his hypocrisy and double-standards he played in the open during our political impasse, Senegalese are now determined to show his and his Corrupt regime the exit doors. Macky Sall is now paying the price folks. He lost all his credibility and support base across the entire country, so he is dangerously plotting to cling onto power by going to the very extreme lengths. 
According to reliable sources in within his government, Macky Sall is desperately figuring out how to create a situation that will either help him suspend the elections or rig it in advance.

The entire Country are determined to vote for anyone but Macky Sall and his associates in this upcoming parliamentary election. Meaning, he will lose the entire parliament to his political rivals and that will obviously spell disaster for his legitimacy to run the country.
He is now convinced that, he lost it all for good and if the elections proceed freely and fairly, he will be gone in a flash because he stand no chance to win against the formidable coalitions and their supporters.In fact, Macky Sall is still not giving up on his initial plots based on the secret blue print he signed with his puppets in Banjul (Adama Barrow), and he is increasingly getting frustrated and desperately trying to start an unprovoked war in Cassamance, so as to ensure that; they do not take part in this upcoming elections.
Like in Senegal, Macky Sall has lost all support in Cassamance due to his hypocrisy and tribalistic nature as well. Take a look at the manner in which he instituted his government – He ensured that only his tribes men are empowered above all other tribes and even in Cassamance, most of the top government officials are all Fullas.

Despite, It is a well known fact that in Senegal, when it comes to intellectualism, Kaolack and then Cassamance ranked first and second. During the time of ‘Abdoulie Wadda’, almost five of his Ministers were all from Cassamance but only one is currently serving as Minister from Cassamance.

As we speak, ‘Abdoulie BB Baldeh’ is the only one serving as a Cabinet member in his government. Doesn’t it speak volume? Nor wonder why he is thinking of how to wreck the society, knowingly that, Cassamance will never vote for him anymore.

The former president (Abdoulie Wadda) is leading a formidable Coalition against these Traitor and he is due to arrive in Senegal in weeks to come, by the grace of the Almighty. Like his puppets in Banjul, Macky Sall has Failed Miserably. The tabled has turned on his head. There are many more coalition groups formed across the country to ensure that they maximize their opportunities and according to our reliable sources, he actually stand NO-CHANCE. He knows it too.
In addition, he (Macky Sall) turned-out to be a dictator over night; by not only Jailing his political opponents on flimsy charges, but he is now threatening his entire cabinet members that,’if any of his ministers disagrees with his list of selected parliamentary candidates, he or she will be fired forthwith. That threat he issued is ripping his party into pieces and as we speak, his entire cabinet members, party members/supporters alike are all disgruntled with his wired and rudely threats.

Less we forget some of the golden principles of life; such as, “Do good and good will surely follow you and always do unto others as you will like them to do unto you” – Macky Sall and his accomplices are now dancing to their own tune. I repeatedly warned and told him that, his hypocritically ways will sooner or later catch up with him and in just six months, Macky Sall’s regime is Crumbling beneath his feet and there is nothing he can really do about it folks.
He is the most disliked person in Senegal today. Although he financially gained and he is still raking in each day from us, but  in Senegal, his ratings plummeted since he conspired against our peaceful motherland.
Nonetheless, We are on record to have warned him to NOT meddle in our National affairs, but Macky Sall was thinking that, he can Back-Stab ‘President Jammah and Gambians’ and get away with it to further manipulate his way and secure a second term for himself and family. But Had I Known Shall Never Be Known.

Like we confidently asserted back then, the down fall of both Macky Sall’s and his puppets in Banjul will be that of their own making, by the grace of the Almighty.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Unifying Newspaper will be bringing you all the updates as we turn our attention to Senegal’s Parliamentary Election. We will also be airing a Special program live on Unifying Radio tonight….Don’t miss it for the World. 
The Senegalese electorates are ready to reclaim back their country from these Toxic Character. He is a silent killer & The Biggest Snake in Senegambia today. He Have To Go For Good. He is the biggest hypocrite and threat to our peaceful co-existence in our beloved motherland. Sooner or Later, It Will Be Game Over For You Macky- Good Over Evil-Nyawwu.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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