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BREAKING NEWS: The Chief-Editor Of This Medium Laid Hands On (The List Of All The Secret Recruits) Classified Documents Again….CDS -MANSANNEH KINTEH & CO BUSTED!!!


When we (Unifying Newspaper) initially started exposing the deceptive nature of the main characters who were parading and identifying themselves as members of the United Democratic Party (way back in 2015), many were under the illusion that, I was merely being vindictive but I guess by now, the truth is revealing as once promised.

After repeatedly asserting here; that, this so-called government is nothing but one that seeks to divide and rule us along tribal lines and so it turns out to be. They just can’t help but keep vindicating each an every assertion we’ve ever made here against these gang of Robbers, Thieves and Tribal Fanatics.

Of course, we were very confident in exposing and speaking out against their (Tribal Agenda) hidden-devil philosophy back then, because I knew that no matter how quick or far they may want to run but for themselves, they really can’t hide folks. It will all play out like a movie and that is what we all are now watching for the past nine months and counting.

Since they rigged the presidential election and openly lied to the entire world so as to fraudulently imposed themselves on us all as a Nation, with the help of the Senegalese Dictator (Macky Sall) under the false-pretext the ‘ECOMIG’ forces, Adama Barrow and his cronies are busy pursuing their tribal agenda on a daily basis.

They are doing so and yet when confronted with the truth, they wouldn’t hesitate to shamelessly lie just to cover their sickening agenda of TRIBALISM.

 Haven’t we reported here that Adama Barrow and his Failed UDP led government were conducting a secret recruitment at “Fajara Barracks” and even published pictures showing the recruits in action? We did, right?

Pathetically though, didn’t they came out and vehemently denied our allegations by trying to ridicule our reportage and openly dismissing our revelations? Oh -Well. I wonder what ‘Mansanneh Kinteh and his spokesperson’ will now have to say after we put it out there on the table for all our global esteemed readerships to see?

 In fact, We are currently making our analysis and further investigating other documents we received from our reliable sources in within the corridors of power but as promised, we shall release the full list of all the names involved in this treacherous games of betrayal, lies and deception.

Verily, not even “Mansanneh Kinteh and his spokesperson” will dare deny our allegations ever again. We have repeatedly warned you all that, we (Our Brilliant Agents) have direct access to all your secrets as a government and already laid our hands on many official documents to prove our case against this dying regime.

NB: Patriotic Gambians from all work’s of life are all disgusted and utterly dismayed with the manner in which our beloved motherland is being run today under these gang of Tribal-Fanatics. Therefore, our agents are embedded deep within this TRIBALLY INSTITUTED gang of Criminals at the helm of our national affairs and they are determined to expose all their backdoor dealings.
Stay Tuned!!

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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