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BREAKING NEWS: The Coalition-Government Officials Are Stealing From Soldiers Coming Back From A Peace-Keeping Mission In Sudan


The Spiteful & Illegitimate Ministers are busy extorting monies from each returning soldiers from Darfur.

The Minister Of Interior, Finance and the Newly appointed CDS ( Mai Fatty, Amadou Sanneh & Masanneh Kinteh) of the Gambian Armed Forces are currently hellbent on STEALING the ‘hard-earned cash’ of our brothers and sisters, who recently returned from a ‘UN’ assigned Peacekeeping Mission in (Darfur) Sudan.

Although we at “Unifying Newspaper” rarely reported on the ongoing “Witch-Hunting” exercise of our brothers and sisters in within our Armed Forces; but things are really getting out of hands folks. Frankly, this ‘Analog-Government’ in Banjul are doing nothing but wrecking our society daily. We must never allow this bunch of ‘robbers and thieves’ to destroy our society any longer than necessary.

Wasn’t it the very same corrupt practices and mistreatment of our brothers in uniform by the then PPP regime that led to their ultimate downfall? Do you all remember the stories of (Our Soldiers Who Went On A Peace Keeping Mission) those who went to Liberia during the war and risked their precious lives just to bring back the sanity there but when it was time for them to be paid, their commander (Name withheld) made off with their money?
Well, this one is slightly different because is far more worst than just a greedy and an ungodly commander doing a runner with their monies but rather the so called Coalition Government are now believed to be fully complicit in the ongoing EXTORTION practice, of which, our brothers and sisters are again the direct target of the biggest fraudster and his legal gangsters in Town.

After thoroughly investigating the tip off we had almost a week ago, coming from within the Military and Interior Ministry,- We at “Unifying Newspaper” can authoritatively report to the United Nations that, the monies paid to our brothers and sisters who just returned home to the Gambia are not been given to them in accordance with the contracts and agreements signed before being deployed to (Darfur) Sudan.

Verbatim From One Of Our Brothers In Uniform:
Bro can u do us a favor and publish this issue, this idiot barrow and his government promised that they will not cut the soldiers monies from Sudan and now is a week since we came back from Sudan still they have not paid us is like they want to manipulate with our money please help bro let them keep their promised if not it will be one of their big lies they said since they came to power

The Failed and Corrupt Coalition-Government officials are determined to slice a hug chunk of their hard earned cash out of greed and selfish. They initially frustrated them with their packages of lies before pulling off their scam on them by lying that, they don’t have enough foreign currency to pay them in Dollars as agreed and ought to be paid to them. So they later came up with their Scam to illegally EXTORT money from them by DEDUCTING almost 40% of their overall payments – Why?


Verbatim From Another  Brother In Uniform:
These idiots manipulate with our money’s instead of paying us our full money they are paying us half in dollars half in Dalasis and 40% have been deducted more than D200,000 from each soldier from Sudan. Why are they doing that to us?

During the time of President Jammeh, he use to keep an eye on all CDS’s and when this Masanneh was there, he use to keep asking us the soldiers whether our money is being deducted?

MASANNEH cannot deny that, when he was the CDS during President Jammeh’s time, he (MASANNEH )use to deduct our money and when he was asked by the former-president in front of us, he lied and said NO when he knew that he was lying.

Now that he is back, he is freely ripping us off by adding it to 40% deduction. Think of this Mr Nyassi, we the Soldiers are the ones who often step in the front line of fire and yet, we are paid only $970 per month – Compare that with the $4,800 the Police are paid each month.
Another Said: We left our families behind for a year only to be robbed by Masanneh Kinteh again. We all survived terrible situations in Sudan for one year without seeing our families so for this government to steal from us, our children and our entire extended families who are depending us will hunt them forever.

One rightly questioned and asked : Tell me how is it possible that, Masanneh Kinteh can tell us that he will deduct 40% from our annual wages, amounting to almost D200,000 Dalasis  from each one of us and deduct only 10% from the Police, who were earning much, much more than we do? Please expose the truth to the world and let the UN know what they’re doing to us upon our return home.

CDS Kinteh – Can you tell us Why are you and Mai Fatty deducting such a huge amount of money from those returning from Sudan? We at “Unifying Newspaper” are deeply disgusted with this “Greedy-Vultures” for stooping so low beyond believe. Why are you guys thinking of stealing from those who risked it all to serve humanity? Damn! What a shame on you Mr Kinteh.


Guess you only showing your true colors and further substantiating all the allegations once leveled against you during the time you were also serving as the CDS under our Able Commander-In-Chief – President Jammeh.
Nevertheless, We as a people must have to speak up with one voice in condemning such act of deception by Government officials in a supposed New Gambia. We are appealing to the ‘UNITED NATION’ to look into this corrupt practices by officials of this Criminal Government In Banjul – They (Our Soldiers) should be fully paid and not even a single penny should ever be deducted from anyone at all..
We urge you (Adama Barrow) to look into this scandalous act of deception, spearheaded by the renowned Criminals, in the person of “Mai Fatty, Amadou Sanneh & your newly appointed CDS Masanneh Kinteh”. Do please ensure that, this ‘crooks’ will give our brothers and sisters every penny of their hard-earned cash.

The behavior of this three Government officials is unacceptable because our brothers and sisters in uniform deserves the very best of treatment there is; for us to give as a Nation.

We at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ condemn such ‘White-Color-Crimes'( being orchestrated and perpetrated by this Criminals-turned illegitimate ministers of ‘Interior & Finance and CDS ) in the strongest possible terms. Our gallant Soldiers should and MUST be paid accordingly.

Stay Tune Folks – We will be monitoring the situation, regarding this corrupt officials and report back to you all as expected. 

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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