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BREAKING NEWS: THE COALITION GOVERNMENT Were Terrified Of The Huge Turnout Of APRC Members In Bandulinding Today…


Of late, the surrogates of the so called ‘Coalition-government’ were foolishly calling for the annihilation of the biggest political party of the Gambia and others were insinuating that, the APRC party was dead. But I guess they will by now know that, the party is alive and growing stronger each day.

It is a known fact that, the membership of the party is rapidly growing as many Gambians are increasingly seeing these ‘Old-Analog’ government for what they truly are – ‘Incompetent and out of touch with the needs and wants of our digital generation of this 21 Century’.


Folks – I was inundated with phone calls and messages, coming from our sources and also from our party militants on the ground. When I checked the first messages on my phone, it read:

Hi bro Sulayman,

“Something unbelievable happened today when we went to attend a  meeting, scheduled to take place in Banjulinding; at the residence of one ‘Sheikhhuna Sanneh’s residence.  Upon our arrival at his Company, the ‘Station Officer’ at the Banjulinding Police Station (DAWDA JOBE); came and told us that, We do need permit for our gathering in a company.

When questioned as to why do we need to have a permit for hold such a gathering in a private residence, he couldn’t answer us but arrogantly insisted that if we do not have a permit, the meeting will not go ahead.

What is certain though is that, we are being reliably informed by one of our impeccable source that ‘Sheikhuna’ is a well-known and respected man in Banjulinding – He is one of the hundreds of thousands of party loyalists across the country and the police are only out to violate the rights citizens in their so called New Gambia but have no legal basis to do so.
Another party militant we spoke to also disclosed that, the organizer (Sheikhuna .S. Sanneh) did actually went to the Banjulinding Police Station and requested for a permit to hold a meeting for last ‘Sunday’ but his request for a permit was declined by the police, giving him flimsy excuses and they told him to cancel it for Sunday and do it today. 

So for the Police to turn up and disrupt our ‘PRIVATE’ gathering’ after telling us to wait until today, is in direct violation of our constitutional rights to say the least and we are ready for whatever it will take but we will  stopped from our Legitimate-Political Activities nor be intimidated by the authorities, he vowed.

I’m being informed by another source in within the coalition that, they all went up the walls in a panic, after receiving reports of a huge gathering of APRC members in Banjulinding, so they quickly instructed the police to go and tell them not to carry on with their meeting.

What is going on Mai Fatty? Are your Police Officer’s being threatened of getting fired, if they do not carry out your illegitimate orders? Are you all now being hunted by your own work of inequity of fraudulently STEALING the Presidential elections?

We at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ contacted the organizer of the meeting and the ‘ ‘station Officer’ of Banjulinding (SS Sanneh & Dawda Jobe) for comments before our publication; but both men weren’t available at the time of putting pen to paper but we will do our utmost best to follow up the story.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Many attendees were furious with ‘Dawda Jobe and his men’ for his unconstitutional orders and threats of effecting arrest (the own of the residence); if they do not comply and dis-pass as instructed but I am glad that they all did; as expected of law abiding citizens. However, let the authorities be aware that our backs are almost pushed to the walls now so let them act in accordance of our constitution or be confronted head on if they do not leave us alone.

Although it is disheartening for our party members after they were told by the police that, they cannot continue with their Political meeting, even whereas, they’d applied for a permit and got tuned-turn and told to rescheduled the meeting today, only to be told otherwise again but what I personally find interesting here is the double standards of the current authorities under (The Spiteful & Illegitimate-Interior Minister- Mai Fatty) the 419ners.

Regardless of the fact that; he (The Organizer) decided not to go ahead with his plans of conducting an open rally and even restricted all his activities in within the perimeters of his big company, the police were still unsettled and their excuse was that, ‘they didn’t expect that there will be a crowd like this and they quickly pulled the plug on us; by saying that, the APRC party members did not take permission from them. LoL…
Ain’t you lot the supposed Democrats and portrayed yourselves for years as those who respected the ‘Rule Of Law’ and rights of citizenry?  If so, then Why will you lot be panicking, after seeing the APRC members coming together in their huge numbers to grace the meeting?


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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