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BREAKING NEWS: The Corrupt-Tribal And Failed Government Are Reportedly Terrified Of The Re-emergence Of “Unifying Newspaper” At This Hour!!


According to our impeccable sources deeply embedded in within the corridors of power, officials of the corrupt and miserably failed regime in Banjul are dreading as to what to expect from this medium, following the announcement of our return to business as usual.  

Upon hearing that from such a reliable insider, thoughts started flying and I began asking myself questions as to why will they be scared? We only revealing the truth and speaking of the inconvenient truth to power – So Why Fret?

By the way, Paying huge sums of money to Hackers to attack and bring down our website wouldn’t do the trick nor will it be in their best interest to try doing anything stupid like that ever again -So what is the big deal now? Oh – I guess they hate to hear the truth and if that is why they are terrified, then fare enough- They better be. (Unifying Newspaper is back and we are now fully operational – So do brace up for more revelations based on nothing but the absolute truth)
Understandably though, giving our hard-earned reputation of having the abilities (Investigative Skills) of digging deep and exposing the truth they often try to desperately conceal from the general public; the ‘OLD-TIMERS’ will obviously be dreading of our come back because they’re already in a terrible mess folks.

I totally understood their worries but am on record to I’ve also warned them from the start; that, they should ensure that the fundamental principles of ‘HONESTY’ will and is the solid foundation upon which they will be building and operating their system of governance but all my advise evidently fell on deaf ears- They can’t say that they’ve never been told so it is time to face and own up to reality.
The truth is, every tom, dick and harry out there now knows that, apart from tribalism, looting of our ‘National coffers’ to quickly enrich themselves and constantly lying to the world by foolishly shifting every blame on our exemplary leader (President Jammeh) and Architect of the ‘Modern-Day-Gambia’, they have nothing in store for the underprivileged.Adama Barrow’s Failed-Criminal-Cartel regime cannot tell us as to what exactly that they have in store for Gambians nor do care seems to really care about the general wellbeing of our people .

The sky-rocking crime rate, hardship and hopelessness now confronting our people today under this (CORRUPT,TRIBAL & USELESS) government, only goes to further authenticate and reaffirm my firm belief that the actual change that took place in our beloved motherland was not for the better; but is evidently for the very, very worst that even beats my wildest imagination in this 21st Century.
Needless-To-Say, It is now getting to nearly six months and counting but the UDP-LED so-called coalition government already MESSED-UP. They’ve woefully failed by any definition. Am not on about the ‘opportunistic-Political-Prostitute’s’ in our midst; but every patriotic citizen who was simply carried away because of the HYPE or EUPHORIA of COALITION 2016 are all nor regretting and deserting this failed regime.
Many of their own die-heart supporters then, are deeply sadden by the turn out of events and the very same feeling and sentiments are currently being expressed, right across the entire Nation as a whole. The writings are clearly visible on the wall for even the blind to see to it that, they need to go for good, if at all we are to ever make progress as a Nation. Period! 

To conclude, we at “Unifying Newspaper) will like to remind the Gambian officials of their guaranteed rights to respond to any of our publication’s, to either clear the air or refute any story published on this medium for the sake of fairness.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Frankly, we certainly are not in the business of disseminating false information for a start; and I guess our Smart-Global Audience can also attest to that fact too. Unifying Newspaper Is simply here to expose the reality (Hidden or Buried Truth) which cannot be ever disputed by either the Government or those often featured on our news headlines.
Therefore, the chances of them having one on us is definitely next to nil, but they are more than welcome to take us on anytime, day or night.

The reopening of our newspaper shouldn’t be a thing for you lots should be fretting about but at the same time, I can understand where your fears lies. 

But again, for the records, my honest and sincere advise to this incompetent bunch of hungry wolves is that, let them do the most honourable thing and resign. Gambians do deserve much, much, much more than what they can ever deliver. A Word Is Surely Enough For The Wise…

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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