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BREAKING NEWS:- The Crumbling Gang Of Mafia’s Are Stealing All The Live stocks Belonging To President Jammeh & His Family In Kanilia..



According to our credible sources, the failed and dying regime in Banjul are openly stealing all the livestock belonging to President Jammeh and his family. It could be recalled that, less than two weeks ago, the gang of criminals masquerading themselves as a supposed ‘Commission Of Inquiry’ issued an illegal order to auction the livestock belonging to not only our Exemplary leader but that of his entire (Jammeh Kunda) family. 

However, the illegal order issued by one of the biggest Mafia’s (Surahata Janneh) was eventually revoked by our house of parliament and rightly so but based on the credible sources reaching our news-desk indicated that, the mafias are going ahead with their secret plans of taking all that which lawfully belongs to President Jammeh and his family.

Despite the fact that, the supposed “Commission Of Inquiry”has no merits at all let alone the constitutional rights of issuing such an illegal order but knowing what I know of the manner in which; the self-styled “THE-GAMBIAN-SICILIAN MAFIA-NETWORK” clandestinely operates, it came to me as no surprise that a gullible mind like that of both Ba Tambedou & Adama Barrow will eventually be dupped into submission.  ( I WILL BREAK THINGS DOWN TO SIMPLICITY ON MY NEXT LIVE SHOW, BY THE GRACE OF THE ALMIGHTY).

Although many reacted to Janneh’s moves to extort all that which doesn’t belong to the state nor to President Jammeh alone but it seems as though, these ‘desperate gang of thieves’ are now hellbent on instigating violence in our motherland so they can use it as a cover to kill our people and do a runner.. They already know full well that things are falling apart and soon enough, they will have no place to run to; nor hide, so let’s never react nor fall for their desperation or provocations.

Nonetheless, ‘Adama Barrow and his entire dying regime and their respective families are all hereby put on notice that, we (Gambians) are closely monitoring all your nefarious dealings and be very rest assured that, you all shall also be treated in the very same manner in which you all are treating us today’. YOU CAN SAY THAT YOU’VE NEVER BEEN WARNED OR TOLD, RIGHT??? COOL. 

Instead of focusing yourselves in reconciling our differences and continue to build on the solid foundation built by your predecessor, you lots are still busy, CHASING AFTER HIS SHADOWS, STEALING HIS WEALTH AND VIOLATING EVERY BIT OF OUR SUPREME CONSTITUTION OF THE MOTHERLAND, RIGHT? OK-WELL NOTED TOO.

Of course, Gambia(ns) all do know why such desperate moves are being taken yesterday and today but will it not prove to be incriminating and detrimental to your own survival as an already crumbling regime?

Will your act of ungodliness because of your greed and wickedness be good enough to deviate us from hitting our streets in style, later on, today?

In fact, we already know the reasons behind your moves and as patriotic and Law abiding citizens of our beloved motherland, we know better and will forever rise above your ignorance and selfishness.

No amount of your guns will intimidate our peace-loving citizens nor will any of your foolishness be good enough to manipulate the unravelling truth the world is glued to and now watching.

The question the world now wants to know from your fraudulent, Corrupt and shattered regime is as follows:- Where are your 45% electorates who supposedly voted for your failed and criminal regime?

As far as the world can now see, not only are you all lying, chasing and signing endless papers for money/donors/grants etc, – but you all cannot account for your invisible (45%) supporters across the country.

We know that you rigged the elections by stripping-off the rights of nothing less than ‘361,000 plus and deleted their names from the papers sent to the polling station’s across the country but Where are your (227, 000) invisible voters who mysteriously elected you shameless fools to power?

Considering (The Outstanding Nation Tour Of The APRC) what is now unfolding before our very own eyes, it is rather regrettable that “Adama Barrow and his failed gang of Mafia’s” will be stopping this low just to provoke us at this hour.

Hell No – We are on the verge of reclaiming back our motherland because those you all suppressed by falsely claiming victory during our last Presidential and parliamentary elections are speaking out loud and clear. And as a matter of fact, Gambia(ns) will be hitting our streets to prove a point to the entire world today so no amount of foolishness will derail our progress.
We at “Unifying Newspaper” are and have been on record for exposing these bunch of hungry packs of wolves for who they really are. We’ve said it, folks. They are thieves from the get-go and most of them do all have criminal past anyways so time is only revealing all that which we’ve confidently asserted months and months ago.

Wassa Camara, Well Done! You lied that if they come and do so while our delegation arrived in FONI/KANSALA, we (APRC SUPPORTERS) will not be able to resist the blatant act of treachery, right? But did your plans and lies materialized? Did any of our APRC members on tour or the villagers of Kanilai or Foni attack any of the extortionists currently looting the livestock of Jammeh-Kunda, in Kanilia?

The truth is, Gambians are done with you lots so bringing trucks of Para-military with their guns pointed at our innocent citizens so as to provide cover for the thieves is not good enough folks. They could have come and stolen all that which they desperately wanted to lay their hands on but you guys can’t stop Gambians from showing our love, solidarity and loyalty with our beloved party leadership…No Time -No Day!

Shamelessly enough, eleven months on and counting, you lots did nothing but suppress, discriminate, steal, bully and spread lies on a daily basis just to tarnish the image of our great leader but Gambia(ns) ain’t no fools to be fooled by fools of your elks.

ADAMA BARROW, DO PLEASE PUT THIS SAYINGS IN THE BACK OF YOUR MIND & Remember:) What Goes Up Must Surely Come Down – Allah SWT is with those who are patient. Had I known Shall Never Be Known.

Keep Stealing Folks! We Are Watching And Patiently Waiting For Our Day – One Day Will Surely Be For The Rightful Owners. It Won’t Be Longer Than Necessary Folks…In Shaa Allah!

NB: APRC – Remain Calm And Let’s Focus On Ensuring That Everyone Is Out (IN OUR HUNDRED OF THOUSANDS) To Welcome And Escort Our ‘Interim-Party Leader & his Delegation’ back to their respective homes safely and get yourselves home as well.


Stay Clear From The Path Of Any Detractor You May Encounter Along Your Way And Have Fun To The Fullest.


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia. (O.R.G.)

NB: If you have any info to share with us or articles for publication, please contact us via our ‘News-desk’ by emailing us:- (unifyingradio@gmail.com

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