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BREAKING NEWS: The Death Of ‘Haruna Jatta’ Is Still Fresh In Our Minds As The Government & EU Continues To Bury Their Heads In The Sand!!! CLEVER???



Due To the Gruesome Nature Of His Death, We at “Unifying Newspaper” Chose To Refrain From Publishing The Horrific Picture Of His Final Minutes (After Being Shot At By The Supposed Peace-Keepers) Before He Departed This World But It’s  A Year On Today, Right?

Meanwhile, The Conspirators And Killer’s Of Haruna Jatta Are Still Roaming Our Streets With Total Impunity And Evidently, The Failed UDP Led Government Officials Are Yet To Show Any Sign Of Remorse By Reaching Out To His Family Members To “Unreservedly Apologized” For A Start, Let Alone To Bring Those (Foreign Invaders Disguised As ECOMIG TROOPS-PAID BY THE EU) Solely Responsible For The ‘COLDBLOODED’ Killing Of Our Beloved Uncle, Father, Husband And Brother To Book…

Sadly, #Adama Barrow And His Father #LawyerDarboe Are Somehow Convinced That Continuing To Pretend As If Nothing Like Killing Ever Took Place Under The Direct Watch Of Their “Fraudulently-Imposed-Government” Is The Perfect Solution. Clever Move? I Certainly Doubt It.

Nonetheless, The Truth Of The Matter Though Is, It Happened Under Their Regime And Us As Citizens Do Know (Well Documented) Of All The Sequences Of Events Leading To His Untimely Demise.

Therefore, It Is Wrong For Anyone To Be Living Under The Illusion That The Death Of ‘Haruna Jatta’ Can Simply Be Brushed Under The Carpet Or That, Facts Can Be Bent To Exonerate The Barrow Administration, His Killers And All Those Culpable. No Way, For The Truth, Is Already Known.

Suffice-It-to-Say, The Blatant Lies, False Accusations And Baseless Assertions Of The Then Minister Of Interior (Mai Traditional weapon Fatty) Was Also Rather Regrettable. His Manufactured Lies Against The Unarmed Peaceful-Protesters And The Dead; Was The Lowest Of All Levels Any Government Official Can Go.
We At “Unifying Newspaper” Are On Record To Not Have Only Wrote Extensively On This Matter For Posterity, But We’ve Publicly Challenged Maimuna Fatty & The Police PRO (Foday Machetes Conta) Provide Us With The Evidence To Backup Their Vile Claims At The time But Up To Date, They Can’t-Do So.  
Until then, The Duo Will Forever Be Remembered For Telling The Biggest Lies They Still Can’t Prove, Beyond All Reasonable Doubts.

The Irrefutable Truth Though Is, Attempting to Bury The Barbarity Of Those”Foreign Mercenaries” Who Killed Our Own Fellow Citizen And Injured Others Was Absurd To Say The Very Least. Frankly, Deviating Or Excusing Yourselves From Your Own Blunders As A Government Won’t Help You Guys In The Long Run Nor Is Ignoring His Dead The Perfect Solution. 
#NB:- “The Wise Would’ve Taken Full Responsibility And Act With Remorse And Absolute Humility In Seeking For A Closure, In The Name Of Peace And National Reconciliation – Again, It’s Never Too Late To ‘Correct The Wrongs’ Still But The Earlier The Better Folks”.
Therefore, I Will Urge Adama Barrow To Stop Burying His Head In The Sand And Do What Is Right, If At All He Is Sincere And Want To Be At Peace With Our Creator. #Remember, “The Path To Peace, Is Peace Itself”.

To Conclude, I Will Seize This Opportunity To Express My Sincere Appreciation To All Those Who Converged To His Home Village Today, Just To Pay Their Respects To Both The Deceased And Extend Greetings His Widow And Children He Left Behind.

Maa Shaa Allah…Thank You All Ever So Much. Humanity At It’s Best. May You All Be Rewarded Both Here And Hereafter. Ameeeen

May Allah SWT Grant Haruna His Love And Mercy. May He Grant Him And All The Departed Souls Highest Of Places In Jannatul-Firdaus On The Day Of Recompense. Ameeeen!!!

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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