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BREAKING NEWS: The Exhumation Of Unidentified Dead Bodies (By The Failed Coalition) In The Name Of Politics Exposed


Prior to the news of a leaked audiotape hitting the social media in which a prison officer was heard talking to a friend and revealing the illegal orders that this failed UDP-LED Coalition government issued to them over night, Fatou Camara was already rumored to be on her way to Banjul on the 29th -March-2017.

In that leaked audio currently on circulation, the officer can be heard giving detailed explanation of a cynical plot hatched by the Gambian authorities to exhume “Unidentified-Dead-Bodies” from their resting places with intent to present them to the Masses (On GRTS) as remains of those they often lie that, are people supposedly killed by our Able Commander-In-Chief – President Jammeh- The Liberator & Great Architecture Of The New Gambia…

As a matter of fact, those who are familiar with our ‘Gambian-Politics’ will attest to the fact that, we (Gambians) are one of the worst of all participants in politics because of our attitudes towards each other, our leaders and in dealing with our national affairs.

By the way, I will have exempt the ‘APRC’ supporters here because they are known for being peaceful participants in our politics and national discussions, unlike the ‘Tribal-Fanatics’ in within the UDP, who are widely known for using ‘tribalism, lies, profanity and violence’ towards anyone they deemed as a political opponent.   
It could be recalled that over the years, His tribal-critics (Gambians) will often agitate, lie and talk as though, they are a living witness to crimes they often accuse “President Jammeh” of committing and yet, not a single Gambian can prove that they have seen President Jammeh killing one single soul throughout his leadership so they are desperately trying to make a case out of nothing.
The revelations that they are planning to exhume human remains to be taken to the blessed land of my ancestors ( Foni Kansala ) so as to televised it from there and pretend that they are the remains of people who died is true. Is NOT a made up story but a dirty plot gone wrong folks.
If these wicked souls were not exposed by our Creator in advance, they may have succeeded in manipulating our hearts & souls to make us believe that, those ‘Unidentified Dead-Bodies’ are that of the ‘Coup-Plotters’ or that of anyone they tell us. But Allah SWT never sleeps nor Slumber.
It doesn’t stop there folks – Fatou Camara also dropped a bombshell by further acknowledging and confessing that, she knows HE never kill anyone and the culprits are the one’s who eventually betrayed him etc….In as much as I am one of her biggest critics, reading her private messages she sent after seeing her father’s latest pictures made me realize a lot more to her than previously known but is that of her own making still. She is right though
Evidently today, they were just lying to tarnish his image. Haven’t I told you all that, she pulls the strings with Mai Fatty? Who is financing her trip to Banjul? Fatou Door-Niit….


Fatou Camara’s messages speaks volume and it goes to not only authentic our stories of their packages of lies and deception but it further exposes the lowest they are prepared to go just to portray our Visionary & Revolutionary Leader as the villain. 
Exhumation of Dead-Bodies in the name of politics? Just to convince living souls to vote for you (the greedy politician) to better yourself and that of your immediate and extended families? Such dirty thoughts are forbidden let alone to act upon it because of one’s political desires. Shockingly heartless to say the very least and such behavior is very ‘Un-Islamic and Un-Gambian’.
To conclude, I will seize this moment to again advise Fatou Camara- ‘Be extremely mindful of this world of illusion we all living in today – Remember that, very breath of our lives is a step towards death so from you know that you wronged your soul by wronging your fellow human being out of vengeance, then do the right thing – Never let your Pride prevent you from humbling yourself before your Creator in speaking the truth – REPENT BEFORE IS TOO LATE’. A WORD is surely enough for the WISE. 

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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