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BREAKING NEWS: The Failed And Tribal Regime Are Forcefully Pursuing Their Secret-Blue-Print Of Tribal-Discrimination…


Back in January, many Gambians and non-Gambians alike may have been doubting our real motives for taking on this tribal regime and exposing their inner-most-secret desires of implementing (TRIBAL DISCRIMINATING POLICIES) what we use to refer to then; as their ‘SECRET-BLUE-PRINT’ but like I often emphasize, time will soon be revealing all their hidden agenda.

Suffice it to say, guess it is now evidently clear to all that, what we were reporting to our smart global audience regarding the ‘secret-tribal-agenda’ do now stood to also past the test of time.  Surely, is now beyond all reasonable doubts. Isn’t it folks?

Out of desperation to govern, they openly lied and rigged both the presidential and parliamentary elections with the help of our regional leaders (ECOWAS), who all played a part by conspiring with ‘Macky Sall’ so that his puppets can fraudulently assume power in motherland.

Ever since, Gambians are today living and breathing Tribalism daily. But among all tribes currently bearing the brunt of their insanity are (Jollas) the indigenous people of the very land we all come home. And so far, the list of “Jollas” who are being unlawfully dismissed, Arrested and many detained in various locations since they lied and took over our affairs as a nation, is growing daily.

In fact, under this clueless, corrupt, tribal and failed gang of criminals who were  masquerading themselves as sincere politicians, Gambians are no longer sleeping at night simply because of awkward feeling of insecurity. Armed Robbers and thieves mainly from Senegal and other nations are now operating freely unabated in our once upon a time, one of the most safe, secured and peaceful nation on earth.

But worst of all among their unforgivable blunders is that, ‘TRIBAL DISCRIMINATION’ is now ‘ACCEPTABLE and INSTITUTIONALIZED’ by the supposed democratic government.

The latest among their catalogs of blunders based on their tribal agenda is; the FRAMING and subsequent dismissal of top ranking officer’s from our Armed Forces.

“Major Gibriel Jammeh (formerly call Sgt-G), Major Lamin Manneh (formerly call Gilbert), Major Kebba Gibba (GAF Int/Sy), Major Karamba Jammeh, Captain Abdou Badjie (GAF int/Sy), Captain Sulayman Jammeh (call Gilanko) and Major Alieu Sowe”. 

According to our credible sources in within the high-ranks of our military chain of command, Mansanneh kinteh went ballistic after being informed of the declassification of his letter and the full list of the secret militia group, published on our globally read newspaper, based in the UK.Upon hearing and confirming our revelations on the world wide web, he felt ashamed, dismayed and dangerously paranoid with everyone around him.

He became furious and he started targeting the ‘Jollas’ again, as he was convinced that they are the main suspects.

Instead of using his brain to analyze and understand that we are now living in a digital age and that, one like myself, am much computer savvy them all those in his office for a start.

But no- Blame the ‘Jollas’ and other tribes and get them wiped out by dismissing them all from their life long careers as military officers of our beloved  motherland; with decades of selfless services under their belts.  Insanity, right?

Are they even considering the real possibilities of me and my team of patriotic citizens, both inside and outside the country of having the technological know how and capabilities of directly intercepting all official transactions of their clueless and dying regime?  Hang on a minute, haven’t we disclosed here very shocking revelations before today and later backed it up with irrefutable evidence, time and time again?

But Mansanneh Kinteh couldn’t believe that from distance away, we at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ were able to lay our hands on his restricted and confidential information – He just couldn’t sleep ever since and he became deluded and so paranoid of even his own inner-circle.

Understandably, Mansanneh Kinteh was in shock and confused because of our abilities based on our technological advantage and superiority over their waywardness. That is why I’d personally warned him to refrain from acting out of rage and paranoia by ‘FALSELY ACCUSING’ our brothers in uniform of having any ties with us as a media house but it evidently, our advise to this vindictive soul, fell on deaf ears.

I even released a special audio just to highlight our successful operation to expose their secret-agenda and work of inequity to my fellow citizens because they tried to debunk our reportage just to cover-up their own evil deeds –   And as a matter of fact, I vowed to never by standing idly by and watch people lying so freely to the Gambians and the world at large without confronting them with the truth and nothing but the absolute truth.

According to a close associate of his own inner-circle, Mansanneh Kinteh was fuming and went on to list down all his supposed SUSPECTS and immediately embarked on his character assassination mission with his trusted helpers. He started to plot against these ‘INNOCENT-MEN’ by lying left, right and center that, they are the group of Soldiers belief to be supplying me (Unifying Newspaper) with state secrets and all what not.

When in actual truth, NEVER have I EVER spoke to anyone of the men he SUSPECTED, TARGETED, FRAMED & FIRED from their outstanding careers without any prove nor any legal justification for doing so. Some of those he fired were the very one’s who helped him to rise above all during the time of “President Jammeh” but today, they are being victimized by the same man they helped made.

Mansanneh Kinteh- The great and extremely powerful man in charge today – Well Done. I sincerely hope that you are now in peace and that, your employers are deeply proud of your strategic moves of betraying our beloved brothers so as to execute the tribal agenda of your masters, in our motherland. Hmmm.

NB: Do not ever say that you’ve never been told Mr, Kinteh – Your day is coming very soon, by the grace of the Almighty. We are digitally monitoring and documenting all your secret-dealings and directly in-touch with your own inner-circles, family and close friends – Only if you really knew but time will tell and time alone will tell the full story. In Shaa Allah…

You will be shocked to know that we know much more than that which you think we don’t know of your past and present-Secret-dealings. Tanka Sii Sueff, Jann Sii Sueff-Bakhna Dall….

Had I Known Shall Never Be Known!!!

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia. (O.R.G.)

NB: If you have any info to share with us or articles for publication, please contact us via our ‘News-desk’ by emailing us:- (unifyingradio@gmail.com)

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