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BREAKING NEWS: The Failed Tribal Government Are Secretly Recruiting An ‘Armed-Militia-Wing’ In Within The Gambia Armed Forces!!!


It has been brought to our attention that, on Wednesday, a secret recruitment of a special “Militia-Wing” was conducted in Fajara Barracks, under the direct instructions of Adama Barrow, Lawyer Darboe and His Illegitimate Minister of Interior (Maimuna Fatty).

According to our impeccable sources on the ground, Soldiers stationed in Fajara Barracks woke up to strange things happening around them. To their utter dismay, apart from the Mandinka tribe, members of all other ethnicity such as the Jollas, Wollofs, Fullas and the rest of the tribes were instructed to completely switch-off their phone devices.

And when they question as to why? They were simply told to obey and complain later on. But soon enough, it became crystal clear that something rather alarming is taking place right in their Barracks.

Nevertheless, hey patiently waited to see what was going to happen, and suddenly, a group of men was seen running from the residence of the Former Vice-President in Fajara to the barracks. Even top military officers in Fajara were all surprised to see such activities taking place without their acknowledgment. They soon realized that those running under the burning sun into their Barracks were conducting a fitness test to be secretly incorporated into our Armed Forces.

Since yesterday, we at Unifying Newspaper have been digging into this story, connecting the missing jigsaw puzzle so as to make sense out of the entire episode.  While thinking to figure out what their intentions were, It occurred to me that, It is to do with an agenda we have been exposing for the past six months, here on ‘Unifying Newspaper’.

We are on record to have repeatedly warned Gambians to not fall for nothing because this Failed-Tribal government is not one that represents the interest of our people or that of our motherland, but rather one that is imposed on us by none other than Macky Sall (Africa’s Biggest Hypocrite) of Senegal.


I guess by now, Gambians from all around the world should all know that we don’t have a president but a governor who is answerable to Dakar.

The irrefutable truth is that ‘Adama Barrow’ is taking orders directly from Macky Sall in Dakar, and if we don’t take back our sovereignty as an independent Nation, we shall forever regret to have entertained these idiotic fool called ‘Macky Sall’ and his Puppet government in Banjul.

They’re still plotting to destroy our motherland and they seem to be stopping at nothing in pursuit of their secret agenda of wrecking our beloved motherland at this hour.

The Secret recruitment of a ‘Militia Wing’ in within our Armed Forces is a result of his mind games, played on his puppets in Banjul. The incompetent leadership of the failed coalition team (Adama Barrow) has been constantly living in fear and he is somehow convinced that the idea of secretly recruiting and creating a ‘Militia-Armed-Wing’ in within our Military is the answer to his increasingly troubling soul.

But according to one of our reliable sources in within the high-chain of command in our Military, asserted that; the idea of a ‘Secret Recruitment’ is grossly unconstitutional and unacceptable. He Stressed that it is wrong to Secretly Select people without publicly announcing it and ensuring that, the rules and right procedures of recruitment are properly followed but that isn’t the case here.

When asked as to why was the Secret Recruitment done along tribal lines? He pointed out the fact that he is a Mandinka but resents anything resembling tribal-Discrimination,  and that is the reason why he is willing to open all doors to our Credible Medium because he is deeply disgusted to see the manner in which his Commander-In-Chief and the UDP government officials are treating the Gambians today.

He vowed to continue monitoring these group of his tribesmen because not only is it wrong to discriminate against Gambians of other ethnicity but he suspects that they are up to no good at all. He promised to keep us in the know at any given opportunity.

EDITOR’S NOTE:- Despite the risks of facing serious consequences for talking and revealing deep information to this Medium as a high ranking officer in the Military, this ‘Patriotic citizen’ is certainly not bothered for his name to be released but due to our code of conduct, we shall continue to protect all our sources by all means necessary.

Therefore, names of all our sources currently on the ground, working or not, will never-ever be compromised unless they do so for themselves.

We got so much more information to share with all our global audience and gathering more and more info regarding this particular “Militia-Wing” ….Stay Tuned.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK.

Chief-Editor Of “Unifying Newspaper”

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia”.- ‘O.R.G’.