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BREAKING NEWS: The Gambian ‘Seizure-Bound’ Leader (Adama Barrow) Did It Again – What An Utter Shame And Disgrace To Our Beloved Nation!!!


We at “Unifying Newspaper” are on record to have first broke the news to the world that, the so-called president (Adama Barrow) of the Gambia is medically ‘UNFIT’ to ride a bike, car or be in charge of any machinery, let alone to lead any Nation.

It could be recalled that, Adama Barrow sprang into politics out of the blues but he was not at all heard of prior to the months leading to the ‘rigged presidential and parliamentary elections’. So when we first broke the shocking news to the world; during one of my lives show on Unifying Radio, Gambians as a Nation were deeply skeptical of my revelations because No one seems to know who these dude was and where he actually came from.

At the time, Adama Barrow was somehow mysterious because many where under the illusion that he was a (Mandingka) from Jarra-Barrow-Kunda. But once we conducted a thorough investigation into his actual background and that of his entire family, it soon become crystal clear that he was being conning and deceptive.

Because after all was said and done, our investigations revealed the hidden truth which he was dying to conceal at the time – We were able to contact his own relatives and childhood friends and get to the bottom of one of the greatest deception of our democracy and history as a Nation. It became certain to us that he is not a Mandingka as he claim and often pretends to be, from Jarra but a Fullani born in a small village called ‘Sarre-Adama’ but later migrated to Mankanmang-Kunda. Deceptive by nature, isn’t it? Folks, Why is he been playing the ‘hide and seek’ game with us from the onset? Never-mind. Food for thought.

Back to the main topic at hand- Once again, We are being reliably informed by our agents in within his entourage that, like in Senegal and our independence day, just to name a few,  ‘Adama Barrow’ suffered yet, another ‘SEIZURE’ and couldn’t attend the dinner of all heads of states. What an affront and biggest embarrassment to all Gambians! 

But hang on a minute, folks, Haven’t I predicted and warned him of what is again unraveling before our very own eyes, distance away in America folks??? Of course, I certainly did so many times and it again stood to past the test of time. Therefore, again, If indeed I was lying to my fellow citizens, then I guess by now, at least I would’ve being busted but Allah SWT bears witness and Knows Best. Sufficient He Truly Is For Me. Alhamdulillah!!Only The truth Shall Prevail In The End.

Nevertheless, let’s not be at all surprise if his praise singers storm the social media platforms so as to embark on a “damage limitation exercise” by spreading lies to cover up what transpired; but we are patiently waiting to hear what the pathological liars will have to say to us all as a Nation.

Gambians, If They Come To You With Their Mouths Full Of Lies, Please Ask Them Any One Of This Simple Questions As Follows:

WHY WAS “Adama Barrow” Absent From Were He Was Never Suppose To Miss Out??

Where Exactly Was He At The Time Of The Gathering And Dinner Of All Heads Of States?

Why Did Adama Barrow Missed Out On One Of The Most Important Events Of The UN Session?

If They Confessed That He Was Rushed To A Hospital After Suffering Another Seizure- Then Make A Follow Up Question By Asking Them Of His Medical Condition. But insist on having your first answer before proceeding.

The reason being, I want you all to know that, we at “Unifying Newspaper” have nothing against ‘Adama Barrow and his gang of Criminals’ per say, but we equally executing our obligation of speaking the truth for it is not an offence.

When we initially broke the news of his medical condition, it wasn’t done out of malice but to rather expose a gross violation of our Constitution hence it is common sense to all that, if someone is suffering from certain kinds of medical conditions, they cannot, in any way, shape or form, contest from the high office of any nation. Period!! That is the universal law of all Nation’s – So why should we ignore that fact, Gambians??

It is evident and We all do now know that the accidental-President (Adama Barrow) is suffering from Epilepsy and that automatically disqualified him to run for office in the first place. But will these greedy and ungodly souls surrounding him acknowledge this fact openly? Time will surely tell for it is now revealing.

Whether they do or don’t, what is now clear to even the feeble minds and that of the most gullible, I guess is, Adama Barrow should simply do him and his team a favor and quit the game.

If not for Selfishness and foolishness, “COMMON SENSE” should have long dictated their thoughts and resign out of love for country, hence our country is sinking but No – These bunch of “Clueless, Outdated And Ideologically bankrupt” (FAKE) politicians will rather drag our motherland down the drain and mess up the future generations than doing the most honorable thing. NB:- If you (Adama Barrow) get back home safely, just RESIGN and Call for Fresh Elections If You May- Doing so will be of your own betterment but if you continue to listen to your praise singer’s, disgrace upon disgrace, pain and external misery awaits you to the bitter end.


A Word Is Surely Enough For The Wise.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

NB: If you have any info to share with us or articles for publication, please contact us via our ‘News-desk’ by emailing us:- (unifyingradio@gmail.com)

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